Packing Boxes for Moving House

You’ve saved your money, managed to get through the endless onslaught of paperwork, got your date, and you can now begin the exciting task of moving home. 

While we have no doubt that it might seem like a daunting task, with cardboard boxes piled everywhere, you can ensure that moving house is as seamless and stress-free as possible by following a few simple steps. 

Choose Sturdy Cardboard Boxes for Moving House

While it may be tempting to bundle everything into a removal van and go, doing this without quality cardboard boxes can result in damage, loss, and general disorganisation of your precious possessions.   

It’s important to invest in sturdy, solid, industry-standard cardboard boxes in order to prevent damage, make for easy lifting and to make the entire move work for you. Great features to look out for when looking for the best packing boxes for moving house include double-wall composition systems, easy-to-use cut out carry handles, and a variety of size options.  

Moving House Organisation

There is plenty of advice, tips and tricks out there for moving house, but our golden rules for packing boxes when moving house are:

  • Firstly, calculate how many boxes you will need to avoid unnecessary spending. You may even want to have a clear out and donate some unused belongings to charity in the process.  
  • Don’t overfill large boxes as they may be too heavy to carry. Where possible, ensure a mix of both light and heavy goods in each box for a manageable weight. 
  • Put all hazardous bathroom/kitchen/cleaning materials, such as bleach and oven cleaner, together in one box. 
  • Begin at the top of the house and move downwards. This gets all of the lifting and climbing stairs out of the way. 
  • Make sure to wrap any fragile items or family heirlooms in bubble wrap packaging to avoid scratches or damage during packing and transit. 
  • Try to keep the weight of all boxes even – this helps avoid injury. 
  • Keep the boxes containing items from each room grouped together, as this will make unpacking into your new home much easier.


Moving House Labels and Lists

When it comes to labels and lists, people often either love them or hate them. Like it or not, they are an essential activity when moving house that will simplify the entire process and make unpacking a lot easier. 

Look for high-quality packaging for moving house and the boxes will most likely have a handy, printed room list. By choosing quality cardboard boxes with printed room lists, you can identify the contents and make it easier for yourself or the removals team in your new home.

By making a list of all your essential items, you can ensure that everything important has been packed, and nothing precious is getting lost or left behind.

What to Keep Separate when Packing for Moving House

During the packing process, these two top tips will prove to be game changers when you arrive at your new home: 

  • Create a ‘just-moved’ box of things you’ll want immediate access to. Think of it almost like what you’d put into an overnight bag. This might include phone chargers, clean underwear, toothbrushes, coffee/tea, and some essential utensils. 
  • Keep a box separate for all of your important documents such as passports, insurance paperwork, and any legal information you might need to access during the process.  

Recycling Boxes for Moving House

Arguably the most important aspect of purchasing packing boxes for moving house is ensuring that they can be properly recycled at the end of it all once you’re settled. Whether they become a den for the children, a storage solution for the attic or even if you advertise them on your local reuse page, the best choice is always to recycle them where possible. 

You can browse our collection of quality packing boxes for moving house here. Packing valuables? Discover other essential moving items such as bubble wrap packaging and pallet wrap.