Packaging for Small Businesses

By Sam Smith

July 14th 2022

Small business packaging may seem simple, but when you break it down there’s a lot to consider. Your packaging says something about your brand and when done right, it can add to a positive customer experience and even give you the edge over your competitors.

Yet, choosing the right packaging for small businesses isn’t just about the aesthetics, it’s also about balancing budget, being on brand, and opting to be as eco-friendly as possible so your business stands in good stead.

Here, we take a look at some tips to help you consider all your packaging ideas for small businesses.

What kinds of packaging do small businesses need?

There are many different types of packaging out there, and which kind you choose will depend on your product and brand needs. The way you package a picture frame is very different to packing a t-shirt. With more and more buyers wanting to work with brands that are eco-conscious, you may want to consider streamlining your packaging as best you can and opting for recyclable packaging.

Brands selling more fragile goods will need to package accordingly – think bubble wrap, void fill or some kind of protective cushioning alongside your usual cardboard boxes.

How to add a personal touch to your small business packaging

While small businesses may feel compelled to go for fully customised packaging, you shouldn’t feel afraid to keep your packaging simple and straightforward, as long as you add a personal touch.

Simple packaging like brown paper mail bags, postal boxes, and Kraft tape can actually be visually appealing. If you want to add the personal touch, you can create personalised brand labels, stamp the box with your logo, or even stash a handwritten card into the box as a charming surprise.

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Why opt to be eco-friendly?

Sustainable packaging for your small business is always a good idea. As mentioned, more and more customers are seeking eco-friendly solutions and wanting to work with brands that reflect those values.

It’s really easy to opt for sustainable small business packaging – swap out your styrofoam peanuts for a biodegradable version, choose paper tape instead of plastic, have filler paper or paper bubble wrap instead, and always try to streamline, cut down, and choose materials that are (or can be) fully recyclable.

Why choose Smith Packaging?

Smith Packaging can provide all your small business packaging supplies in the UK. As one of the leading names in packaging, we are committed to helping businesses both big and small deliver the goods. Whether you need bulk stock cardboard boxes, labels, protective filler, mail bags, tape, and everything in between, or if you are looking for a few products to get you started, our versatile no minimum order is designed to meet your budget needs.

Smith Packaging also places a huge emphasis on being as environmentally friendly as possible, meaning that the majority of our products are fully recyclable or designed with sustainability in mind. Competitive prices, high quality, and an equal commitment to all of our clients, makes us one of the best in the world of small business packaging.

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