Uses of Large Letter Postal Boxes

By Sam Smith

February 8th 2022

As leading providers of all things packaging, here at Smith Packaging we deliver every step of the way. From sturdy large letter postal boxes to paper mailing bags, protective void fill, and pallet wrap – whether you are shipping something big or sending something small, we can give you what you need so it gets where it’s going safe and sound. With no minimum order and a commitment to sustainable practice, you can count on Smith Packaging.

Whether you’re packing up a present or sending packages from your e-commerce store, large letter postal boxes are about to become your new best friend.

These quality and quick assembly boxes are slimline, sturdy, and ever-ready to fit through a letterbox – meaning the large letter postal box takes some of the main pain points out of shipping.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for large letter postal boxes.

They Keep Things Safe

Safety is important when posting anything, and there’s no doubt that postal boxes provide a more secure base for shipping than a standard envelope. When you’re sending documents or certificates and want to make sure that nothing gets creased or damaged, A4 large letter postal boxes can deliver that peace of mind. You can also send small parcels, gift packages, books, and small electronics safe in the knowledge that they will have sturdier protection.

Simple to Assemble

One of the major benefits of choosing one of the large letter postal boxes is that they are super easy to assemble. Made from corrugated cardboard, you can skip the tape and any added extras and simply pop the cardboard into place.

You can also personalise large letter postal boxes to keep them aligned with your own independent branding. Labels, stamps, and adding tissue paper or something decorative inside can also up the ante when it comes to those delightful details that help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Gives a Professional Edge

Another reason why large letter postal boxes are loved by ecommerce brands and retailers is that they have a great professional finish. If you’re sending something to a customer and want to make sure it arrives safely and can be posted through the letterbox rather than risk leaving it outside or having it returned to the post office, this is the perfect solution to reduce customer frustration or any service dissatisfaction. It also helps you to keep packaging costs low.

Adds Sustainable Style

Cardboard is a great environmentally friendly packaging option. For brands and individuals who are keen to shift to embrace more sustainable packaging options, large letter postal boxes are exactly what you need.

Cardboard is 100% recyclable. With more and more buyers keen to do their shopping with brands that take sustainability seriously, this is an easy, low-fuss choice for keeping your carbon footprint on the down low.

At Smith Packaging, our large letter postal boxes are a great choice for those seeking easy UK or international packaging solutions. Sustainable, easy to assemble, sturdy, and ever-ready to keep all your goodies safe, these boxes always get the stamp of approval.

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