What Packaging is Recyclable?

By Sam Smith

January 17th 2022

Moving house? Shipping goods? Or posting items big and small? Whether you need a single cardboard box or a whole fleet of tape and envelopes, here at Smith Packaging, we’ve got you covered. As the UK’s leading providers of all things packaging, we make it our business to get your goods where they need to go in the safest way possible. With no minimum orders and plenty of recyclable packaging options, you can enjoy fuss-free packing and shipping with Smith Packaging.

We’re also passionate about the planet. This is why we put a great deal of emphasis on offering a whole range of eco-friendly packaging as standard. From reusable boxes to eco-friendly packing peanuts and paper tear tape, we love packaging that can serve its purpose time and time again. If you want to know what packaging can be recycled, keep reading to find out how to play your part for the planet.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is one of the most well-known recyclable packaging materials, which is why cardboard boxes are such a great sustainable option. Pack them, ship them, re-use them, or break them down and add them to your recycling pile. Other kinds of cardboard packaging can also be recycled, such as cardboard backed envelopes and smaller cardboard postal boxes.

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Paper Packaging

Paper packaging is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable choices when it comes to packaging as it’s so easy to recycle. This includes all kinds of paper – from envelopes to paper tape and paper void fill. If you’re recycling cardboard boxes or packaging, check the tape first. Paper tape can be recycled alongside your box, but any kind of plastic tape should be separated first and put into a different recycling pile.

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Some Plastic Bags and Wraps

While we don’t always think of plastic as being recyclable packaging, there are some kinds out there that can definitely be recycled. Any packaging made from low density polyethylene can be recycled. This means your mail bags are good to go. Some bubble wrap (also made from low density polyethylene) can also be recycled, meaning that you don’t need to flinch the next time you wrap up your valuables. (And yes, the bubble wrap you buy from us can be recycled!)

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Packing Peanuts

While not all packing peanuts are good for the recycling bin, the eco-friendly kind most certainly are. Eco-friendly packing peanuts are made from biodegradable and 100% compostable materials. While packing peanuts are traditionally made from styrofoam, these kinds of peanuts are perfectly planet-friendly. Made from plant matter, the packing peanuts can be used time and time again or simply composted without causing damage to the earth or our oceans.

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Both businesses and individuals should consider making the change to sustainable packaging. We can all play our part in helping the planet, and this can start with something as simple as swapping plastic tape for paper tape or checking that your shipping and packaging supplies can be safely recycled. With more and more customers considering eco-friendly practices when picking brands they love, make sure you are standing out for all the right reasons.