Why Invest in Moving Boxes?

By Sam Smith

February 15th 2022

5 Reasons It’s Worth Investing in Moving Boxes

Whether you’re moving room, home, or even country, Smith Packaging has everything you need to keep your things safe and secure. As the UK’s leading supplier of packaging goods, we have everything from the sturdiest cardboard moving boxes to mail bags, a whole range of void filler options, and the finishing touches of tapes, wraps, and films.

Not only do we have all the packaging you can depend on, but at Smith Packaging we put an emphasis on sustainable practice, no minimum order, and first-class customer care. We know moving is stressful enough, so let us pick up the slack and get your goods exactly where they need to be.

For anyone moving house there is one item you cannot do without. Moving boxes. Moving boxes are a must. They help you to organise and separate your goods, they make it easy to store and transport items, and they provide protection from the rough and tumble of taking items from A to B.

While you may think any old cardboard box will do, it’s actually well worth investing in the best moving boxes you can find. We take a look at five reasons why you want to choose the best cardboard boxes for moving and what to look for…

Strength Matters

One of the most important things you want to look for when it comes to choosing your cardboard boxes for moving is to find boxes with a solid amount of strength. A flimsy cardboard box will fall apart at the seams and runs the risk of the bottom falling out and breakages occurring.

Look for moving boxes that are double walled for an extra layer of strength and security. Double walled cardboard boxes are ideal for moving as they are super strong, heavy duty, and much more sturdy than the single walled versions.

Moving Box Size Matters

While you may be tempted to haul everything into a large cardboard box, this can actually make moving difficult as massive boxes can be hard to navigate. On the other end of the spectrum, a small box will also be tricky as it won’t fit much in.

If you select boxes that are specifically designed for moving house, you should get a good size that can pack plenty in but still be carried with ease.

Build Matters

The build of the box also plays its part when it comes to finding the best cardboard boxes for moving house. Not only do you want a solid and sturdy build, but finding moving boxes that flat pack down into easily stackable structures will save space – and it means they can be stashed and reused in the future.

You can also look for moving boxes that have handles or check boxes, packaging labels, and other design features to make them easier to organise, pack, and carry.

The Price of Moving Boxes Matters

Balancing cost and quality is another important factor to take into consideration when you have to buy moving boxes. While it can be tempting to just try and pick up free cardboard boxes, you won’t have the quality, strength, or sturdiness that matters when it comes to keeping your goods safe.

It’s well worth investing in a good cardboard box for moving as with the right packing materials, you’re less likely to suffer breakages and damage to your precious things.

The Details Matter

It’s not just a box that makes moving easy – it’s the extra details, too. Check any guide to packing when moving and it will remind you that while the box is important you also need to think about extra padding and tape for extra security. Using high quality and adequate padding will reduce the risk of breakages.

You can look to void filler like classic bubble wrap, paper, or even eco-friendly degradable packing peanuts. Choosing a strong tape will also help to keep your box safe and secure and will prevent your goods from spilling out.

Check our protective packaging and tape options.

Finding the best moving boxes will make your move that much easier. At Smith Packaging, our range of essential moving goods takes the stress out of changing spaces and ensures that your belongings stay safe, no matter how far you’re taking them. With sustainable packaging options across all avenues and double strength moving boxes that come complete with carry handles and a contents tick list, your big move is sure to be a breeze.

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