Why use honeycomb packing paper?

As more and more businesses are looking to become more eco-friendly with their packaging, there has been new innovations to protective packaging.

Whilst bubble wrap, paper void fill and packing peanuts are more commonly used, honeycomb packing paper is the newest alternative on the market.

But what exactly is it and why should you consider using it? Learn more in our helpful guide!


What is honeycomb packing paper?

This innovative protecting packaging is extremely lightweight yet durable. The name ‘honeycomb’ comes from its hexagonal cells that are specifically cut to overlap each other, to form a thicker wall that can be manipulated to fit around objects.

It is made from a mix of recycled fibres making it sustainable, whilst its composition is still strong enough to withstand protecting the contents inside through packing, storage, shipping and delivery.


What are the benefits of using honeycomb packing paper?


Honeycomb packing paper is made from renewable die-cut kraft paper, making it an eco-friendly alternative to other forms of protective packaging.

The lifecycle of honeycomb packing paper is never ending, as it can be recycled or reused as soon as it’s had its original use – reducing the impact to the environment.

For businesses or customers who are eco-conscious, this is a great option!

Reduces costs

Due to its lightweight structure and weight, honeycomb packing paper is not as bulky as foam peanuts or packing beads. This helps to reduce your cost of shipping as there is less volume added to the weight of the package overall. What’s more, it takes up a lot less room than other types of protective packaging, which means you don’t have to use a larger box and pay additional shipping costs.


Given its appearance, honeycomb packing paper is extremely durable. Thanks to its composition, the paper can be twister or wrapped to fit around any sized or shaped object without tearing. Offering greater protection without the hassle and time of having to fill the void of a box – speeding up your packaging process.

Easy to use

As it is essentially paper, the uses are endless. Whether you’re using it as a small ecommerce business or to move house, honeycomb packing paper can be used to wrap and pack any item or object or as protection in storage thanks to its durability.

As one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, Smith Packaging now offer honeycomb packing paper as part of our wide range of sustainable protective packaging solutions!

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