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Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

An eco-friendly packaging option for ecommerce businesses, our self adhesive Kraft paper tape is perfect for sealing both boxes and envelopes. Being made from paper, this tape can also be easily torn by hand.


The basics:

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape
  • Fully recyclable
  • Self adhesive so no water is needed for sealing
  • Can be used with hand tape dispensers
  • Brown Kraft paper backing with solvent (natural rubber) adhesive
  • High tack and offers adhesion at extreme temperatures, can also stick to itself
  • Ideal for carton sealing


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48mm x 50m Solvent Adhesive
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Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

Whether posting a special package, moving house, storing goods, or looking for industry solutions for all your shipping needs, Smith Packaging sets the benchmark every time. As an industry expert in all e-commerce packaging, industrial packaging, and personal packaging, we offer everything from the largest box to the smallest envelope – and all the tape you need to secure your parcels. With an eco-friendly ethos and no minimum order, you can pack with complete confidence.

What Is Kraft Paper Brown Packaging Tape?

Extra security comes loaded in eco-friendly vibes with the self-adhesive Kraft paper packaging tape. A great sustainable alternative to plastic, this tape can be used to seal boxes, envelopes, and just about anything that needs securing shut. As this Kraft paper packaging tape is totally self-adhesive, it doesn’t require any moisture to make it stick. Our Kraft tape is high tack and has the added bonus of being able to stick to itself.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper Brown Packaging Tape

Leave all frustration at the door as the brown paper has a natural rubber adhesive that seals shut in an instant, holds a great bond, and can be easily torn by hand when it gets to where it’s going.

Added Security

One of the best things about paper packaging tape (other than its sustainable style) is the added layer of security it brings. Whereas plastic tapes could be peeled off, a parcel or envelope that uses paper packaging tape can only be torn. This makes it practically impossible to gloss over the fact that something has been opened, giving the sender and receiver an added layer of security.

Sustainable Solution

Kraft paper brown packaging tape is an eco-friendly packaging solution. As the world has a growing problem with plastic consumption, we can all do our bit by implementing different changes and choices where possible. Paper tape is eco-friendly and fully recyclable, helping you and your company or family reduce your carbon footprint.

Kraft Paper Brown Tape from Smith Packaging

Whether packing for a big move or sending goods out for delivery, brown packaging tape comes in handy at every turn. Seal shut letters and parcels, keep cartons closed to keep out dampness and damage and pack up your moving boxes properly. Whether a big name business, small e-commerce store, or for individual needs, our high quality, environmentally friendly, and great value Kraft paper brown packaging tape keeps things safe and simple. Buy Kraft Paper Tape with us today.

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