Gift Packaging

From sending presents to making your ecommerce business thrive, at Smith Packaging we have everything you need to get from A to B and back again.

As one of the UK’s leading eco-friendly packaging suppliers, we have all the boxes, tape, bags, envelopes, and filler you need to get the job done. Whether you are wrapping up for a big birthday, a seasonal soirée, or just making something special to send out into the world, we have the eco-friendly packaging for that fabulously elegant finish.

What Is Gift Packaging?

While we may associate gift packaging with sparkles and bows, it can actually be a much more low-key event. Gift packaging is exactly what it sounds like – the art of packaging a gift. Of course, you can go as colourful as you like (think printed paper with ribbons), but you can also gift packages in a way that elevates the customer or recipient experience and doesn’t cost the earth.

Sustainable gift packaging can be beautiful, with recycled paper rolls, Kraft tape, cardboard boxes, and an all-natural neat finish. Whether you are wrapping for festivities or because you have sold something and want to amplify excitement for the customer, eco-friendly gift packaging is the ultimate solution.

When to Use Gift Packaging

Gift packaging can be used for any occasion when you are sending something or giving something and you want it to be that little bit more special. You can wrap your friend’s birthday gift or package all your Christmas presents in sustainable packaging, rather than going down the route of commercial holiday wrapping.

For businesses both big and small, gift packaging is one of those details that delivers when it comes to return on investment. Not only will an attractively wrapped item provide a memorable experience for the customer, but it also brings an element of theatre, delight, surprise, and heightens the emotion of receiving a gift.

We only have to look at the booming trend of ‘unboxing’ on social media (where people tune in to watch someone unwrap an item) to see that packaging is an important part of the psychology of getting something.

Why Use Sustainable Gift Packaging?

Gift packaging is important – it elevates the experience, adds to the pleasure, and helps you to stand out from the crowd. As a business, you can double down on this by making sure that you choose sustainable packaging.

By opting to wrap your items in eco-friendly packaging, you are showing that you care about the planet. Studies have shown that as we are becoming more eco-conscious, consumers do have a preference for brands that take a more sustainable approach, and that excessive and wasteful packaging can have a negative impact on brand image. For individuals too, we all need to play our part even in the smallest of ways when it comes to helping the world thrive.

It’s a Wrap from Smith Packaging

At Smith Packaging, we have a range of products that can suit your sustainable gift packaging needs. Make your items look low-key elegant and timeless with our fully recyclable and sustainable cardboard packaging, tape, and paper.