7 Tips for Shipping Large Items

By Sam Smith

January 10th 2022

Packing and shipping is how the world turns when it comes to commerce both big and small. As one of the UK’s leading providers when it comes to all things packaging, here at Smith Packaging we make it our business to keep your goods safe and secure, no matter how far they are going.

Our extensive range of packaging supplies cover everything from sturdy cardboard boxes to eco-friendly void filler options, tapes and wraps, and labels and mailing bags. Whatever you need to send, we can help you get it there.

Shipping large items can come with its own set of unique challenges. Take a look at these tips to help you pack and ship your large items with ease.

Don’t Scrimp on Packaging

First and foremost, when shipping large items from the UK, you need to make sure that your item is well packed and protected. While secure packaging is essential to any sort of shipping, with larger and heavier packages, they are more likely to be picked up by fork lift trucks and other warehouse equipment which could increase the possibility of damage. Here are some tips when it comes to packaging large items for shipping…

1. Get the best box

Pick a double walled cardboard box rather than a single walled when it comes to heavier items. A double wall cardboard box will be sturdier and can provide extra padding and support for any item inside.

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2. Add plenty of padding

Go for as much void fill and wrapping as you can. The more well-wrapped your item is, the less likely it is to get damaged in transit. Wrap your item in bubble wrap and place in the box surrounded by eco-friendly packing peanuts or paper void fill. This will cushion your item and prevent it from moving around during transit.

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3. Use lots of tape and wrap

If you’re sending a larger box, don’t be shy when it comes to the amount of tape you use. Plenty of tape will secure the box and prevent it from being opened during transit. Not only is it an extra layer of security, but it can also help to reinforce the structure of the box.

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4. Consider pallets

Pallets can be a good option for shipping large and heavy items as they provide a stable base that can be useful for warehouse machinery to lift. If you’re sending a large pallet item, you can also use pallet wrap to provide superior protection against the elements and to keep your pallet organised and more secure.

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Get your paperwork in order

From checking weight restrictions to collecting shipping quotes and filling out all those custom declaration forms, you need to make sure that your paperwork is in order when it comes to shipping large items (especially internationally). Here are a few admin tips that can help you to get everything in order…

5. Be accurate

The question of how much it costs to ship large items often comes up. The truth is that it will vary depending on carrier, destination, and the item in question. In order to secure a solid quote, you should be as accurate as possible when booking your courier or shipping your large items. The wrong information could lead to your item being returned or additional charges.

6. Insurance and tracking

Insuring your items and signing up for tracking are two steps you can take to provide extra peace of mind when shipping large items. Insurance will help you to claim back any damages that may happen during transit. Tracking also helps you to monitor your item’s journey until it reaches its destination.

7. Understand restrictions

Make sure that you understand the restrictions that come with sending heavy or oversized packages. This will vary from courier to courier so doing a quick comparison can help. If you’re shipping an item internationally, you should also check any import fees or custom charges that may apply.