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Paper Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box

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Clean, easy, and an eco-friendly choice for the planet, this formpack paper bubble wrap makes for a sustainable alternative to traditional polythene bubble wrap.

Perfect for adding extra cushioning, forming a protective layer, and for filling excess space in packages, you can use paper bubble wrap for all your shipping and storage needs. 

The basics

  • Paper bubble wrap in a dispenser box with a serrated edge for easy cutting
  • Natural colour
  • Standard grammage of approximately 125g per metre square
  • Box dimensions 40 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Weight 3.3kg 
  • Roll width of 350mm and roll length of 55m
  • Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
  • Fully recyclable and with no chemical additives
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
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About Paper Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box

The paper bubble wrap box is a must-have when it comes to your sustainable packaging needs. Whether you’re layering up, filling box or package space, or wanting to protect fragile personal items, you can use this paper bubble wrap box with its easy serrated edge to keep everything safe and sound. 

What Is the Paper Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box?

This eco-friendly paper bubble wrap ticks all the same boxes you can expect from standard bubble wrap. Great for extra padding and protection, it can help keep your goods free from damage during freight or transit. If you want to keep items in storage, this bubble wrap wrapping paper can also be used to keep out dampness and dirt. 

Made from fully recyclable paper and without even a hint of chemicals, you’re safe in the knowledge that your packaging needs aren’t compromising on the health and wellbeing of the planet.

And as this bubble wrap paper packaging comes in a dispenser box, it also keeps your space well organised and can be torn easily, thanks to the serrated edge.

Who Needs a Paper Bubble Wrap Box?

Anyone who wants to send or store their goods in a safer, more sustainable way will benefit from this eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative.

We all have our part to play when it comes to protecting our planet and reducing our own carbon footprint. Individuals who want to send goods or to place their belongings in storage will certainly benefit from having this paper bubble wrap dispenser on hand. Ecommerce and all businesses will also benefit from saying “yes” to sustainable bubble wrap.

With more and more customers wanting to purchase or work with companies that align with their own values and beliefs, making the commitment to a more eco-friendly approach is all part of the shift towards being a more eco-conscious company. 

Paper Bubble Wrap Box from Smith Packaging 

At Smith Packaging, we take our commitments to people and the planet seriously. We pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading supplier of all things packaging, we are always looking for eco-friendly alternatives for our clients.

This paper-backed bubble wrap dispenser box is a great way to welcome extra eco-friendly padding into your world. With its compact footprint, flexibility for using vertically or horizontally, and its serrated edge for easy tearing, means that you can save space, and cost, and reduce your waste in one swoop. 

Eco-friendly packaging doesn’t have to stop at this paper bubble wrap. At Smith Packaging, we offer a full range of sustainable packaging options to keep your carbon footprint down low. From single and double walled cardboard boxes to eco-friendly packaging peanuts, kraft paper tape, paper void fill, and board-backed envelopes, you can say “yes” to keeping your packages and personal items safe without compromising on sustainability.

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