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Clear Hand Pallet Wrap

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Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap or stretch film) is an essential packaging item when packing goods on pallets, so loads are stable, secure and protected. Our hand pallet wrap is supplied rolled on cardboard cores and is easy to apply by hand or using a dispenser. We supply a range of thicknesses to ensure all types of loads can be protected, our thinner pallet wrap (13 micron) is great for stabilising lighter loads whilst being cost effective. Whereas our heavy duty thicker film (20 microns) is useful for heavier loads or irregular shaped loads.

The basics:

  • No equipment needed, can be applied easily by hand or with a dispenser
  • Available with both flush and extended cores
  • Great for protecting loads from moisture due to the film being moisture resistant
  • In addition to using pallets, it’s a cost effective way of protecting bulky goods when transporting
  • Stocked in clear and black for extra security

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Clear Pallet Stretch Wrap

Whether you’re shipping a large number of goods or storing a few pallets, at Smith Packaging we have all you need to keep your business moving. From pallet wrap to cardboard boxes, labels, and everything beyond, as one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, we make it our business for you to find fuss-free packaging solutions to all your shipping and storage needs. Our eco-friendly ethos and commitment to customer service ensure you get a great experience every time.

What Is Clear Hand Pallet Wrap?

Clear pallet wrap is exactly what you need when you want to protect a pallet load. Also known as clear plastic pallet wrap and clear pallet stretch wrap, it works in a similar way to cling film. You wrap the plastic around your pallet and it provides a barrier between the outside world and your items. This can help protect your items from moisture, dirt, and debris, and also adds a safety element as your goods aren’t exposed to eyes or elements.

While we made a comparison to cling film, pallet wrap is actually more similar to rubber in that it can stretch and then be pulled back in to create a close fit. This is a great way of keeping your pallet safe in storage and easily ready for any transfer or shipping plans you have.

When to Use Clear Hand Pallet Wrap

Clear pallet wrap can be used in many circumstances. For businesses that are storing goods in a warehouse, outdoor space, or any place where your wares may be exposed to the elements, it always helps to have pallet wrap on hand.

It can also be used in transporting goods, as clear pallet wrap works wonders at keeping your items organised. As it doesn’t have an opaque colouring, it can be easily scanned and cleared through customs.

Clear hand pallet wrap is perfect for shipping goods as it also helps reduce damage in transit. This is because the clear wrap has a high amount of friction which prevents the pallet from slipping and sliding, reducing the number of knocks and bumps.

The Benefits of Clear Hand Pallet Wrap?

There are so many benefits to choosing clear hand pallet wrap for your business. Here are a few to get you started:

  • It’s one of the most effective and efficient ways to wrap pallets for a long journey
  • Clear pallet wrap will help prevent sliding and damage to pallets and goods during transit
  • If shipping internationally, clear pallet wrap is see-through and therefore able to pass through customs and security quicker. It is easy to scan any documents through the clear pallet wrap.
  • Clear pallet wrap can also help with inventory control as it helps you organise your products.
  • Clear pallet wrap is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all your shipping needs.

Clear Hand Pallet Wrap from Smith Packaging

At Smith Packaging, we have several options when it comes to choosing the clear pallet wrap that works for you. Whether you choose the thinner, 13-micron clear pallet wrap for a cost-effective way of stabilising lighter loads, or if you need a heavier duty 20-micron wrap, you can pick the pallet wrap that fits your pallet and your business. Our clear pallet wrap can be easily applied by hand or using a dispenser, meaning that no specialist equipment is required.

Shop now and get stable, secure, and protected with our clear pallet wrap.

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