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Labels for Thermal Printer

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Plain white uncoated labels ready for your thermal printer.

Suitable for printing barcodes, price tags, ingredients labels, address and more.

  • Plain white uncoated direct thermal labels
  • Permanent self-adhesive to stick your label on any surface
  • Easy to tear and apply with perforated edging
  • With 25mm cores, these rolls are compatible with most printers
  • Outside wound to prevent jamming and misalignment


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Thermal Label Rolls for Your Packages

Our Thermal Label Rolls feature a eco-friendly heat-sensitive paper that is specially formulated for thermal printing technology. Whether you’re using direct thermal or thermal transfer printers, our labels ensure clear and crisp prints with every use.

Compatible with most standard thermal printers, installing and printing is as easy as:

  1. Loading the roll in the printer
  2. Designing your label on your computer
  3. Pressing print

Durability is everything with labels. That’s why our Thermal Label Roll withstands everyday handling and exposure to most environmental factors. Your labels remain legible and intact, no matter how wild their journey is.

Available in different sizes and quantities, our Thermal Label Roll provides flexibility to meet your specific labelling requirements. Whether you need a small batch or bulk quantities, we have you covered.

Compatibile Thermal Printers

Our label rolls are compatible with many major printer manufactures. See the exact model below.


  • DA200
  • DA210
  • DA220
  • DA300
  • TA200
  • TA300
  • TC200
  • TC300
  • TDP225
  • TDP244
  • TDP245
  • TDP247
  • TDP324
  • TDP343
  • TDP345
  • TTP244
  • TTP254
  • TTP343
  • TTP345
  • TX-200
  • TX300
  • TX600


  • GC420
  • GK420
  • GX420
  • GX430
  • GT800
  • ZD420
  • ZD500
  • ZD620
  • TLP2844
  • TLP3842
  • TLP3844


  • DT2X
  • DT4X
  • G300
  • G330
  • G500
  • G530
  • EZ120
  • EZ1100
  • RT200
  • RT230
  • RT700
  • RT730
  • RT863


  • CLE321
  • CLS300
  • CLS321
  • CLS521
  • CLS621
  • CLS631
  • CLP521
  • CLP621
  • CLP631


  • B-EV4D
  • B-EVDT
  • B-FV4D
  • B-FV4T
  • B-SV4D
  • B-SV4T


  • CG208
  • CG212
  • CG408
  • CX200
  • CX210
  • CX212
  • SA408
  • WS208
  • WS212
  • WS408
  • WS412


  • WPL205
  • WPL206
  • WPL304
  • WPL305
  • WPL308


  • T400
  • T600
  • T800


  • MACH200
  • MACH300

What are thermal labels?

These cost-effective labels use thermal printing technology to create printed content. The heat-sensitive paper or direct thermal paper reacts to heat, allowing your text, images, or barcodes to be printed onto the label surface.

Thermal labels are commonly used in various industries and applications due to their convenience and ease of use. They’re used for short-term labelling needs or situations where real-time printing is required. Examples include retail price tags, receipts, shipping labels, tickets, and temporary product labels.

What’s the difference between thermal labels and inkjet labels?

Inkjet labels are printed using inkjet or laser printers. They require ink or toner to create the desired text or images on the label surface.

For our thermal labels, your thermal printer applies heat to the paper to create the desired printout. The paper is heat-sensitive, unlike normal labels, hence why it’s an affordable method for mass label printing.

Inkjet labels have higher ongoing costs due to the ink/toner costs. Thermal labels rely on heat – so with no need to change ink or toners, the only ongoings costs are the labels and the electricity. They’re also a lot quicker at printing on mass.

You cannot print thermal paper through a normal printer and visa versa. Each paper is designed for their own technology. Make sure you purchase the correct paper for your printer.

How to use thermal labels in your business


In an industry that needs fast, temporary labelling, thermal labels can always be found. Great examples include:

  • Printing price tags
  • Shelf labels
  • Product labels
  • Promotional stickers

Thermal labels help small and global retailers improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer service by providing clear and consistent information on their products and inventory. Thermal labels also support omnichannel retailing by enabling online order fulfilment, returns, and exchanges.


Thermal labels help healthcare providers ensure patient safety, compliance, and traceability by providing accurate and reliable identification of patients, samples, drugs, and equipment. They help nurses, doctors, and more reduce errors, waste, and costs by streamlining workflows and processes. Examples of thermal labels use include:

  • Patient wristbands
  • Specimen labels
  • Medication labels
  • Blood bag labels
  • Temporary medical records.


Thermal labels are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for

Our labels help the manufacturing industry stay compliant by providing durable and legible information on their products. Within the factories, thermal labels enhance productivity, quality, and efficiency by providing real-time data and visibility on their assets, components, processes, and shipments.

Examples include:

  • Printing asset labels
  • Component labels
  • Work-in-progress labels
  • Quality control labels
  • Shipping labels

Transportation and Logistics

Thermal labels ensure parcels and packages arrive in the right location, on time, and in tact. From quick scanning and easy returns, it’s easy with our labels to improve customer experience and loyalty.

Examples include:

  • Waybill labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Container labels
  • Delivery confirmation labels
  • Return labels
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