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Honeycomb Packing Paper

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Honeycomb Packing Paper

Honeycomb packing paper offers an eco-friendly and economical alternative to bubble wrap. The flexible honeycomb hexagonal structure expands to accommodate various shapes during the packing process, effectively wrapping and cushioning a range of products, assuring the protection of fragile items.

The basics:

  • A sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap.
  • Expands to 60% beyond its original shape.
  • Eliminates the need for adhesive tapes by incorporating self-interlocking mechanisms.
  • Can be easily recycled after use.
  • Boosts packing efficiency and reduces postal expenses.
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Honeycomb Packing Paper

What is Honeycomb Packing Paper?

Honeycomb packing paper is a type of protective packaging material that consists of various layers of paper arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This pattern provides strength and cushioning to the paper, making it ideal for protecting fragile items during shipping or storage.

Does honeycomb packing paper work?

Whether you are searching for a packing solution to utilise in the moving process, or a manufacturer shipping fragile items, honeycomb packing paper has various purposes.

Honeycomb packing paper offers exceptional protection for delicate items throughout transportation, storage, and handling. The distinctive honeycomb structure provides outstanding cushioning and shock absorption capabilities, ensuring pressure is evenly distributed and reducing the likelihood of damage.

What material is used for honeycomb packing paper?

Honeycomb packing paper is created by bonding individual strips of kraft paper together to form a continuous array of hexagonal cells. An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, the Kraft material used to form honeycomb packing paper is fully recyclable and effortless to dispose of.

At Smiths Packaging, we aspire to provide exceptional packaging solutions whilst prioritising our environmental footprint and are committed to offering our clients with eco-friendly packaging options.

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