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Cardboard Boxes

Brown Large Letter Postal Boxes

Large Letter Postal Boxes

A presentable, professional and lightweight packaging solution for your posting. Built with a strong sheet of single-wall cardboard, these postal boxes are easy to assemble without the need for other packaging materials. They are also manufactured to adhere to Royal Mails large letter sizes to keep your postage costs down.

Single Wall Cardboard Box

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

An undisputed classic, our single wall cardboard boxes are the perfect option for the storage and delivery of lighter items that don’t require much protection.

Open Double Wall Cardboard Box

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Need a classic cardboard box that’s a little bit beefier? Double wall cardboard boxes are perfect for transporting and storing fragile or heavier items.

Bulk Smith Packaging Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Our moving boxes come equipped with thoughtful cut-out handles for easy carrying and include space for listing room contents. Made in the UK and fully recyclable, each option is environmentally conscious. 

High-Quality Cardboard Boxes

Whether you’re moving house, despatching larger items to customers or building a spaceship, our high-quality cardboard boxes have got you covered. Choosing the right cardboard box for the job may sound simple enough, but the exact one you select is of paramount importance when it comes to getting the job done. This is why we use our expert industry experience to give you advice and assist you in choosing the right cardboard box for you.

Packing Boxes for Moving House

We know that moving house can be a stressful time, which is why we have a clear and concise range of packing boxes for moving house. Choose from our large range of cardboard packaging boxes specifically manufactured for moving house and discover the added benefits, such as cardboard boxes with room lists and cut-out carry handles. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Cardboard boxes are amongst the most eco-friendly shipping, storage, and moving solutions.

Cardboard is probably the best-known recyclable packaging material, which is why they’re such a great sustainable packaging option. You have the option to pack them, ship them, re-use them, or dismantle them for recycling. Similarly, other types of of cardboard packaging like cardboard backed envelopes and smaller postal boxes can be recycled.

We provide both single and double walled cardboard boxes, and always encourage our customers to recycle and reuse them where possible. All of our cardboard boxes are manufactured here in the UK, making us a sustainable and sensible choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Choose the right size for your cardboard box

Picking the right cardboard box size is vital for eCommerce shipping. Over sized boxes may risk product safety and inflate shipping costs.

To choose the right size cardboard box for your needs, first measure and weigh the items you want to ship. Select a box that’s slightly larger than the dimensions you’ve measured. This ensures ample space to wrap your item(s) securely, safeguarding them from potential damage caused by movement within the box. Choose a sturdy cardboard box capable of holding your items securely, especially if they are heavy. Avoid thin cardboard boxes; opt for stronger, more durable options instead.


How are cardboard boxes made?
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Cardboard boxes are made from paper that has already been recycled, making them a very eco-friendly type of packaging. This recycled paper is ‘fluted’, which means it’s folded in a narrow concertina that makes it wavy. Then, this fluted paper is glued between two strong, flat sheets of paper. One sheet of fluted paper makes a single walled cardboard box, while two sheets of fluted paper are used to make a double walled cardboard box.

The outer paper is typically better quality than the inner fluted paper, and this helps strengthen the cardboard. That’s how the cardboard which makes up a cardboard box is made.

To make the box itself, the cardboard is firstly trimmed to size, and any handles or flaps are cut out. Then, the cardboard goes through a bending machine, which folds the cardboard into the appropriate shapes. If the cardboard box is being glued together (rather than folded together manually), that will also happen at this stage. However, most cardboard boxes are shipped flat.

How do I dispose of cardboard boxes?
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The best way to dispose of your cardboard boxes is to recycle them.

Cardboard boxes are made out of paper, and sometimes they are made out of paper that’s already been recycled. Either way, this means that cardboard boxes can (and should) be recycled or reused wherever possible.

You can normally recycle cardboard boxes by putting them in your recycling bin, or if they’re very large, you might need to take them to your local tip.

You must make sure that your cardboard boxes are clean of food, dirt, glitter, and paint before you recycle them. Otherwise, all cardboard can be recycled.

How do I store cardboard boxes?
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Cardboard boxes may seem tricky to store as they are bulky, but you shouldn’t be too quick to recycle them as they are so useful, especially for moving house, shipping products, and storage for things like spare duvets and Christmas decorations.

Ecommerce businesses that use cardboard boxes to send products to their customers also need to store cardboard boxes, especially if you use them regularly.

There are really only two ways to store cardboard boxes, either as flat-packed or by stacking them. 

  1. If you’re flat-packing your cardboard boxes, make sure you rip of any old tape and labels. Open up the flaps and collapse the boxes so they’re completely flat. Then, it’s an easy job to either store them one on top of the other, or side by side. Use string or ratchet straps to secure boxes of similar sizes together.
  2. If you’d prefer to stack your cardboard boxes, or it’s more convenient for you to do so, it’s best to start with the largest and put boxes of increasingly small size into each other. This method only really works if you have a lot of boxes of different sizes that will nest into each other easily.
How long do cardboard boxes last?
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Cardboard boxes don’t have an expiry date, but the higher quality or thicker they are, the longer they tend to last. Of course, how you handle them, where you store them, and what you use them for also impacts their longevity.

If you don’t handle them often (for example, if they’re just used for storage purposes) and they’re kept in cool, dry conditions, cardboard boxes can last for years.

What are cardboard boxes used for?
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Cardboard boxes can be used for a multitude of purposes. You’ll definitely need a plentiful supply of sturdy cardboard boxes when you’re moving house, for example. They’re also essential for ecommerce businesses that are shipping products to customers, as cardboard boxes can help protect items in transit from damage. Cardboard boxes have a lot of other uses too, including:

  • Storing all your valuable documents – think of a cardboard box as your DIY filing system
  • Recycling – you can use cardboard boxes to contain all your paper and cardboard recycling ready for collection or to take to the tip
  • Children’s activities – make a den, a robot, a car, a rocket ship, and more!
  • Smaller cardboard boxes are a great way to gift thriftily and with care for the planet
  • Car boot organiser – instead of having your antifreeze and welly boots rolling around your boot, use a cardboard box to keep everything tidy
  • Storing other cardboard boxes – they’re just handy, right? If you have a few of them, flat pack all your cardboard boxes except one, and use that one to store all the others in
What is the weight limit for cardboard boxes?
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Different sizes and strengths of cardboard boxes have different weight limits. While there isn’t a hard and fast rule, we recommend sticking to these weight limits for your cardboard boxes to ensure that your goods (and the box) remain undamaged:

Single Wall – Up to 100 lbs

Double Wall – up to 180 lbs

Obviously, the lighter the box itself, the less heavy you should make it.

Can I reuse cardboard boxes?
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Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile and can be reused for many different things, including as moving boxes when you’re relocating, general storage, and sending things through the post. Just make sure that the box is in good condition and don’t weigh it down too much.

Reusing cardboard boxes means that you’re using fewer resources, including energy and water, than always using new boxes.

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