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Filler Paper (News Offcuts)

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Wrap, fill, and pad with strong, versatile, and affordable paper filler from Smith Packaging. Also known as unprinted newspaper and fish and chip paper, this durable material is made from high-quality paper that can be used across a wide range of industries.

The basics

  • 100% recycled and recyclable white unprinted newspaper made from 48 gsm paper
  • Sold in reams of 12.5 kg with a sheet size of 500mm x 750mm
  • Approximately 673 sheets per pack
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500 x 750 mm 12.5kg ream
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About Filler Paper

What is filler paper?

Otherwise known as fish and chip paper, filler paper made from news offcuts is a popular material because of its versatility, strength, and economic value. It can be used to wrap fragile goods for storage and shipping as it helps prevent breakages, scratches, scuffs, and damage. It can also be scrunched up and used in packaging as a void fill to stop items rattling around, and it can be used to create a safe cushioning space.

Who needs filler paper?

Individuals and businesses alike will benefit from filler paper. Whether you’re wrapping up your own goods for storage and shipping due to moving house, filler paper is bound to be your friend. News offcuts filler paper is also a popular product in fish and chip shops as it is what is used to wrap the fresh produce for transport. Even in a domestic or food-based setting, you could use this unprinted newspaper to wrap your food products and serve your perishables.

Businesses will also find the news offcuts filler paper a dream to use. Strong, affordable, and completely versatile across a whole range of industries, this paper fill can be scrunched and used in your small business delivery solutions or can be used in a protective sense to keep your fragile goods wrapped and safe from damage either when shipping or storing.

Why choose Smith Packaging for filler paper?

Whatever your filler paper needs, news offcuts are the perfect solution. Being made from unprinted newspapers means that this style of filler paper is sustainable as it can be easily recycled. With more and more customers wanting to work with brands and businesses who take sustainability seriously, opting for eco-friendly packaging solutions can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Filler paper is also an affordable option and is easy to store. Rather than being bulky or centred around single-purpose use, you can call on this paper fill for a wide range of purposes. Safe for food, glassware, bottles, crockery, and so much more, news offcut paper filler is a game-changer when it comes to all your storage, wrapping, postage and packaging needs.

At Smith Packaging, we offer a wide range of products to help you pack, store, and send in style. Whether you want protective paper filler, cardboard boxes, labels, mailing bags, tapes, wraps and so much more – we can cover individual needs alongside serving the wider business world. With no minimum order, free delivery in many cases, and a commitment to being as eco-conscious as possible, we invite you to explore our online store.

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