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Protective Packaging & Void Fill

Recycled Kraft Paper Roll Smith Packaging

Recycled Paper Rolls

Create a classic look for your business while being kind to the planet with our Recycled Kraft Paper Rolls. A sustainable option for e-commerce, our Kraft Paper Rolls also make excellent, heavy-duty gift packaging wrap that can be used for any occasion.

Speedman Paper Void Fill Box

Paper Void Fill

Eliminate unwanted space without adding any extra weight with our paper void fill. Perfect for ecommerce businesses, our void fill is made using 100% recycled paper and can be recycled or reused by your customers.

Smith Packaging Bubble Wrap Roll

Small Bubble Wrap Roll

The go-to choice for packaging products and keeping them safe from damage, our high-quality bubble wrap can be used by businesses sending fragile items, to wrap up those treasured family heirlooms or even as a soothing stress buster for popping while you reply to yet another email – just don’t forget to recycle it once you’re done.

A roll of Paper Bubble Wrap on a white background.

Paper Bubble Wrap

A new and exciting sustainable way to wrap your products, formpack paper bubble wrap works as an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Available in a roll format, you can cut to measure without compromising on padding, absorption, and other protective properties. 

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Eco Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

Did you know that around 40% of plastic used in the UK is for packaging alone, and generates around 2.4 million tonnes per year of waste? That’s why we specialise in eco-friendly packaging products such as these loose fill chips, a sustainable (and much more pleasant) alternative to polystyrene.

A white filler paper on a white surface. (News Offcuts)

Filler Paper (News Offcuts)

Wrap, fill, and pad with strong, versatile, and affordable paper filler from Smith Packaging. Also known as unprinted newspaper and fish and chip paper, this durable material is made from high-quality paper that can be used across a wide range of industries.

A box with the product name Paper Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box on it.

Paper Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box

Clean, easy, and an eco-friendly choice for the planet, this formpack paper bubble wrap makes for a sustainable alternative to traditional polythene bubble wrap.

Honeycomb Packing Paper

Honeycomb Packing Paper

Honeycomb packing paper offers an eco-friendly and economical alternative to bubble wrap. The flexible honeycomb hexagonal structure expands to accommodate various shapes during the packing process, effectively wrapping and cushioning a range of products, assuring the protection of fragile items.

cardboard tubing on a roll

Cardboard Tubing Rolls

Cardboard tubing rolls provide the best protection for longer, thinner items. That makes them ideal for sending items like cables, pipes, tools, and chair or table legs.

Keeping Deliveries Safe & Secure

Experts in ensuring that your products arrive perfectly, we specialise in high-grade bubble wrap packaging and void fill, supplying hundreds of e-commerce businesses with the product wholesale packaging materials they need to operate successfully. 

The Best Protection for Your Parcels 

Designed to ensure the protection of your shipped goods, paper void fill, packing peanuts and bubble wrap might also be a good idea for those who are moving house and taking lots of precious possessions with them. Mirrors, crockery, and treasured antiques are just some of the things we’ve previously had the pleasure of protecting.


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Packaging is a quantity-sensitive product. Most of the products you can buy from us have bulk discounts set up, and these will always be displayed where relevant. Whenever you order multiple items or packs online, you will automatically be charged the lowest applicable price.

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We are an online business, so all orders are placed right here on our website. By ordering online, you’ll be able to browse our complete, comprehensive range of quality packaging products and benefit from our fast delivery service.

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