What is Pallet Wrap Used For?

By Sam Smith

March 8th 2022

Stretchy, weatherproof, and wonderfully protective, pallet wrap is the lesser known hero of the packaging, shipping, and distribution world.

Taking its name from the job it does, pallet wrap is a film used to wrap around pallets, boxes, and other products to keep them organised, secure, and protected from the elements. Pallet wrap is super stretchy, but once applied it tightly binds items together and creates a waterproof layer.

It’s an ideal way of securing items to be shipped to stored together. Cost-effective, fuss-free, and here for a close fit, there are many great reasons to choose pallet wrap when it comes to your shipping and storage needs.

What Are the Benefits of Pallet Wrap?

From protection to organisation and even helping with inventory and customs, there are many benefits that come with picking pallet wrap for your business. We take a look at some of the best reasons for wrapping up in style with pallet wrap.

1. Protects from the elements

One of the major benefits of using pallet wrap is the fact that it protects your goods against the elements. Pallet wrap can help to protect against moisture, dirt, debris, dust, direct sunlight, and other elements that can have a negative impact on your goods.

2. Safe from transit damage

While pallet wrap protects from the elements when in storage, it also lends another layer of protection during transit. When your boxes or pallets are wrapped together, they are less likely to slide around or become dislodged when on the move, meaning they are less likely to get damaged.

3. Good for organisation

Another positive of picking pallet wrap when shipping or storing goods is that it gives you the chance to secure everything together. This helps you to organise your products and ensure that nothing gets misplaced en route or when putting items away. It can also help with inventory controls as you can easily group and count products.

4. Versatile and effective

With a range of styles, thicknesses, colour, and uses, pallet wrap is truly versatile. Whether you are using it for storage or shipping large items, it’s cost effective, highly efficient, and as it has good tear resistance it can even prevent your goods being tampered with.

What Are the Different Types of Pallet Wrap?

Clear Pallet Wrap

Clear pallet wrap is a solid option for those wanting a wrap that clings to items without obscuring them. This clear wrap provides a great barrier and stretches easily meaning that you don’t have to use too much force. Its clarity is beneficial for when sending items through customs as it means documents can be scanned and checked without unwrapping anything.

Blown Stretch Wrap

Blown stretch wrap tends to be stronger and has a higher tear resistance. This can be a good choice for when you want to ensure that goods with sharper edges won’t split or rupture the wrap. Blown stretch wrap has the power to hold a larger load, but it may not have as much visible clarity as cast pallet wrap (this can also be great for security).

Smith Packing offers two kinds of pallet wrap – clear pallet wrap and black pallet wrap. Available with both flush and extending cores, it doesn’t require any machinery and can be applied by hand or with a dispenser.

With a range of thicknesses ranging from 13 -20 microns, you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your goods are safe and secure. Shop our pallet wrap today.