Are heavy duty cardboard boxes worth it?

By Sam Smith

September 1st 2022

Depending on what you need cardboard boxes for, heavy duty cardboard boxes can be worth their weight in gold.

Also called double walled cardboard boxes or thick cardboard boxes, heavy duty cardboard boxes are ideal for transporting or storing large, bulky, fragile, and weightier items.

What are double walled boxes?

Double wall boxes are sturdy, stable, and solid boxes that are twice as thick as regular cardboard boxes.

That’s because they’re constructed using two layers of cardboard put together, giving them a double wall that makes them extra durable. These layers are often made from fluted corrugated cardboard – and have the added bonus that they’re typically recyclable, although as they’re heavy duty, they often last longer than normal cardboard boxes anyway.

Watch this video to find out how corrugated cardboard boxes are made.

What type of cardboard is the strongest?

Generally speaking, the thicker the cardboard and the more layers there are, the stronger the box is. That makes double walled cardboard boxes amongst the strongest types of cardboard box you can buy.

This super strength also means they have a rigid, robust frame, which prevents damage to packed items, ensures they can withstand greater impact, and means the boxes last longer. They also take longer to degrade than single walled cardboard boxes.

Additional benefits of double wall boxes is that they keep their shape, and they’re a lightweight and affordable option for extra protection.

Uses of double wall boxes

Double wall boxes have a variety of uses, both for business and personal, and are ideal for transporting and storing precious, large, and heavier items.

You may need double walled boxes for:

  • Transporting solid goods, typically up to 30kg per box
  • Transporting fragile or delicate items, such as electronics and glass
  • Long-term storage and stacking
  • Moving house

Of course, even though a double wall box provides extra padding, items also need to be protected from breakages inside the box, for example with paper bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

How heavy can I make boxes for movers?

Moving house is one of the most common times you’ll use double wall boxes. It’s often tempting to fit as much as you possibly can into one box when you’re moving house, thinking it will take up less space and be quicker to transport.

However, that’s not always the case. It might be ok when the items you’re packing are lightweight, but if you’re packing heavier items, it’s important to be careful about how much you put in one box.

Typically, a heavy duty cardboard box with a double wall will be able to take around 30kg of weight. And even if they could take more than that, just think about how heavy it will be for you or your moving company to carry!

When you may not need double wall boxes

While double wall cardboard boxes have many advantages, you won’t need them every time. If your items are lightweight or small, if they’re not temperature-sensitive or you’re only storing items for a short amount of time, a single wall cardboard box may be best for you.

There’s also the cost factor. Of course, double wall boxes are slightly more expensive than single wall boxes – but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp if you really do need them for your items. Putting something heavy or precious in a single walled box that then breaks or doesn’t protect your items properly may mean that you pay more to replace or fixed items that get damaged because they weren’t protected properly.

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