Cardboard Christmas Craft Ideas

By Sam Smith

December 17th 2021

With that tree-mendous season upon us, here at Smith Packaging we’re all about getting crafty. As the UK’s leading supplier for all things packaging, we have more than our fill of cardboard boxes, mail bags, mailing labels, protective void fill options, and so much more.

While we’re swept off our feet ensuring everyone has the packaging they need to ship seasonal gifts and goodies, we also have a few ideas for recycling and reusing our packaging supplies.

Christmas can be a time of cheer, and excess and while it’s all about the fun celebrations, here at Smith Packaging we always try to keep the planet in mind. Instead of decking the halls with throw-away tinsel and plastic, we have some eco-friendly ideas for turning your home into a festival of Christmas crafts with our sustainable seasonal range.

1. A Cardboard Christmas Village

Is there anything more charming than a Christmas village in miniature? You can create your own wintery wonderland scene with some cardboard, a craft knife, white paint, and some cosy LED mini fairy lights. This is a great activity for everyone and the end result will be a 3D model village that will look homely and cute on your mantelpiece or hallway.

Here’s how to do it.

2. Cardboard Star Garland

This is another really simple and sweet Christmas craft to decorate your tree or to string across your window. Simply etch out some stars (you can even use different sizes) onto your cardboard. Cut them out, punch a hole in each and string them together with festive ribbon or twine. You can also decorate your cardboard Christmas stars with gold spray paint, glitter, or anything else that brings a bright and beautiful sparkle to your stars.

3. Tabletop Christmas Trees

These tabletop cardboard Christmas trees are a sugar-dusted show stopper, especially when placed on the dinner table between the turkey and cranberry! All you need to turn your table into the Swedish snow forest is to get some cardboard, glue, and white paint. Cutting your cardboard into scale like shapes, you can layer them around a cardboard cone to create your towering firs. Finish with some white paint for a frosted look and even add a little white glitter for some diamond sparkle.

Find out how to do it here.

4. Cardboard Box Snowman

If you have ever made a cardboard box robot before, you’ll know just how much fun it can be. We bring a little seasonal style to this craft by turning those eco-friendly cardboard boxes into a frosty friend. Simply wrap three different sized boxes in white paper (or Kraft paper and paint). Stack them in the shape of a snowman and decorate with buttons, coloured paper, and ribbon to bring your snowman to life. Place your snowman under the tree or anyplace you want to bring a little cheer.

Check out detailed instructions right here.

5. Cardboard Fireplace for Christmas

If there was ever an image that captured Christmas, it would be the flickering fireplace hanging with bright red stockings. You can recreate this by making a DIY cardboard fireplace for Christmas eve dreams.

All you need is a generous-sized cardboard box, a garland, some fairy lights, decorations, stiff red felt, and fake flame candles. The end result is a cute and realistic-looking scene straight out of a Christmas card.

Check out how to do it right here.

Get crafty this Christmas with Smith Packaging. Part of the fun of the festive period is spending time with friends and family, indulging in magical moods, and taking time out to tap into childlike wonder once more. These Christmas craft ideas will have you ho ho ho-ing well into the New Year.

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