How to Make a Christmas Hamper

By Sam Smith

December 15th 2021

At Smith Packaging, we are fully embracing the seasonal spirit already! As the UK’s leading packaging supplier, we have cardboard boxes, labels, mail bags, and everything you need to get your presents packaged and ship-shape for delivery. With an emphasis on eco-friendly packaging supplies and no minimum order, Smith Packaging is here to deliver the goods.

For those of you still scouring the marketplace for presents, hampers can make a timeless idea. A personalised hamper is the perfect present. From favourite foods to beverages and even hobbies, you can piece together a hamper in a few simple steps.

How to Make a Christmas Hamper Box

1. Find Your Theme

If you want to know how to make a Christmas hamper, the first thing you need is a theme. This could be a chocolate theme, wine and cheese, homemade gourmet goodies, gardening, spa delights – the possibilities are endless. When picking a theme, think of the recipient and what they like to find a good fit. Here are a few popular and fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

  • Foodie theme
  • Tea and coffee theme
  • Perfect pampering theme
  • Movie night theme
  • Baking theme
  • Craft theme
  • Bookworm theme

2. Load Up On Goodies

Once you have your theme, you can stock up on goodies to go inside your hamper. Cheese and wine lovers will adore a selection of crackers, a range of chutneys, a few select cheeses, and a bottle of the good stuff.

Chocolate lovers may go weak at the knees for truffles and hot chocolate sachets and a mug, chocolate fudge, and other fun bits. Knowing how to make up your Christmas hamper means scouring the shelves and supermarkets until you have enough to pad out your hamper.

3. Get Your Packaging

One of the most important parts of the Christmas hamper is the packaging! A little creative energy is how you turn a bunch of items and a cardboard box into something truly special. A sturdy cardboard box is the perfect base for your hamper.

You can wrap it in festive paper or keep it eco friendly by wrapping it in recyclable brown paper. A little ribbon goes a long way, and you can also choose cellophane wrap and a bow to brighten up your box. Being an eco-friendly packaging company, we suggest wrapping it in brown paper and using seasonal foliage (mistletoe, holly, rosemary) and twine to keep your hamper an eco treat.

4. Arrange Your Christmas Hamper

Once you have your cardboard box all dressed up, it’s time to arrange your hamper. Part of how to make a Christmas hamper look nice is all in the organisation. Start with the largest item as the focal point for your hamper and arrange the other items around it.

You want to make sure that your goodies aren’t rattling around so using some eco loose fill packing peanuts can cut out this problem for you. Arranging items in groups of threes can be another inside tip to bringing balance and harmony to your hamper.

A DIY hamper is always a dreamy present, and it’s also a great way to cut down on festive waste. If you pick items that will all be used and you arrange and wrap it all beautifully with eco-friendly packaging, you can make it a more sustainable and meaningful Christmas.

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