How to move a mattress

Moving house and need to transport your mattress? No matter if it’s a queen size or a memory foam mattress, our 7 steps help your first night at your new house feel just like home.

By Sam Smith

January 24th 2023

Mattresses can be expensive, especially if you get a high-end, hotel quality or memory foam mattress. And while they’re soft, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when you move a mattress when it comes to moving house. They’re designed to last for a long time, so it’s important to maintain their longevity and move them correctly to reduce the risk of damage.

In fact, mattresses are such an important part of getting a good night’s sleep – and therefore feeling refreshed and energised – that you should take extra care when you’re moving them.

So, how do you go about moving a mattress when you’re relocating? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Grab a buddy
  2. Put your mattress in a mattress bag
  3. Move your mattress to your front entrance
  4. Prep your vehicle
  5. Put the mattress in your removal vehicle
  6. Secure the mattress
  7. Move!

Read on to find out more…

Equipment & supplies you need to move a mattress

Think you can just grab your partner or a buddy to pick your mattress up and put it on a van? It takes a little more than that. You need a few supplies before you even touch your mattress to move it, including:

  • A strong partner – mattresses can weigh a surprising amount, up to 70kg for a king size, in fact. Don’t try to move one on your own as you might cause yourself an injury.
  • A mattress bag – protecting your mattress as much as you can from damage, dirt and dust is paramount (especially if you might be putting it in storage before you move into your new home). You could also use bubble wrap for this job.
  • Tape – to seal your bag and keep out any pests.
  • A small dolly on wheels (if possible) – to get your mattress to and from your removal vehicle more easily.
  • A strap or rope – to secure your mattress in your removal vehicle. As they can be so heavy, you don’t want them to slide over and damage any of your other belongings.
  • A Stanley knife (or similar) – to cut the tape when you reach your destination.
  • Cardboard moving boxes – for packing your pillows, quilt, sheets, etc.

Once you have everything you need to move your mattress, here’s how to do it:

1. Put your mattress in the mattress bag

Take your mattress off the bed, with you and your partner taking one side each. If you have room, lie it on the floor. If not, stand it up against a wall. One of you should lift an end of the mattress while the other slides the bag over it.

Make sure your mattress bag is properly sealed and secured so it doesn’t let in dirt, pests or moisture. Proper sealing will also mean it’s easier to move.

2. Move your mattress to your front entrance

Make sure you have a clear way to the entrance so you don’t encounter any obstacles while you’re moving your mattress through your house or flat. Obstacles not only mean it will take longer to manoeuvre the mattress through the space, but they also present a tripping hazard.

Unless you have a memory foam one, try not to bend your mattress too much when you move it as this can permanently damage the (expensive) internal parts, such as the springs and rods. You may need to bend it slightly to get through doorways, which is fine as it shouldn’t be for too long. Likewise, don’t roll or fold it for the same reasons – and you’ll probably find this is impossible anyway! Even if you manage it, there’s also every chance that the mattress will just pop back into its normal position anyway.

If you have a memory foam mattress, you can bend, fold or roll it as it will resume its mattress shape after a couple of hours.

3. Prep your vehicle

Make sure the doors are wide open, and you’ve cleared enough space in your van or other removal vehicle to fit your mattress in. If you’re unsure, take measurements! 

4. Put the mattress in your removal vehicle

With you and your partner on either side of the mattress, lift it carefully by the bottom corners. Make sure you bend your legs rather than your back so you limit the possibility of doing yourself some damage.

If you have a small dolly on wheels, place the mattress on that and wheel it to your vehicle. If not, slowly walk your mattress to your vehicle, stopping when you need a break.

Place your mattress in the cleared space inside your vehicle – either flat or on its side, depending on how much space you have.

5. Secure the mattress

Using your ratchet strap or rope, make sure your mattress is securely fastened to the inside of your removal vehicle. This will stop it moving around or falling over and damaging other items in the vehicle.

Don’t put it on top of anything else, and don’t put anything else on top of your mattress.

Then all you need to do is get to your new house and reverse this process on the other side!

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