How to Pack Clothes for Moving

By Sam Smith

March 1st 2022

Whether you have a wardrobe bursting at the seams or a minimalist collection of clothes, packing clothes for moving is always going to be a part of your relocation process. While packing clothes may seem like an easy deal, these tips and techniques can be a big help when it comes to getting your closet cleared, organised, and ready for your new home.

While throwing everything into a bag or box may seem like the easiest option, a little organisation and the right set-up, like sturdy cardboard boxes and labels, can help you work out the best way to pack clothes for moving house.

As moving can feel like a major stress, these five easy guidance tips are here to keep your clothes safe and your mind sane.

1. Clear out your clothes

While you may have a million things to do before you move, clearing out and organising your clothes will certainly save hassle in the long run. This is the perfect chance to declutter your wardrobe and get rid of the things you know you won’t wear.

Anything you do keep, make sure that you wash and dry whatever you are planning to pack. Packing clothes for moving that are stained, ripped, or items that don’t fit anymore will take up precious time and space.

2. Separate your clothes into piles

Once you’ve sifted through your entire clothes stash and decided what to keep and what to get rid of, you can organise piles for packing.

One of the most efficient ways to pack clothes for moving is to separate them out into seasonal style – and by family members if you are packing for other people too. Separating your winter clothes and summer clothes can help you to work out which boxes will need unpacking first and which can be left until later once you get to your new place.

3. Make a moving week box

Save one cardboard moving box for packing a week’s worth of clothes that you can turn to while sorting out the rest of your things. Unpacking is rarely an overnight process, especially if you have lots of things to move. Having one box with a variety of garments (tees, trousers, jumpers, sleepwear, etc.) will make it easier for that first week at least, as it will stop you unloading every box to find something to wear.

4. Get the best equipment

The best way to pack clothes for moving isn’t too difficult. You need some cardboard boxes – and a single wall box is usually sufficient. However, if you have heavier garments like weighty jumpers or heavy coats, you may want to consider double walled for these. You probably won’t need any void fill like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, as even delicate items of clothing aren’t at risk during moving.

Organisation remains key though, so labels are going to be an important part of the process. If you really want the most efficient way to pack clothes for moving you can buy moving boxes that come with a specific printed room tick list and contents box (complete with carry handles) to make the whole process a dream.

5. Consider vacuum packing

Vacuum packing is another way of packing clothes for moving – especially if you need to save space and have organised your clothes in a seasonal style.

While clothes that will be stored for long periods of time do need air flow to thrive, vacuum packing for a short time is a great way of saving space. If you don’t want to vacuum pack but still want to save space, you might also want to consider rolling your clothes.

Extra tips!

  • Don’t use boxes that are too big or you will be tempted to overpack them and make them too heavy to carry
  • Use packing tape to seal the boxes and keep your clothes dry
  • If using the flat fold method for packing your clothes, and place a piece of packing paper over each layer for added moisture protection
  • Pack shoes and accessories in a separate box

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