How to Pack Glasses for Moving

By Sam Smith

August 18th 2021

While books and clothes can be heaped into boxes for moving house, you may want to take a little extra precaution when it comes to your beloved breakables. Moving is stressful enough and turning up at your new address with shattered glasses and broken plates is far from ideal. Knowing how to pack glasses for moving with professional tips from Smith Packaging can help keep your fragile items in one piece.

How to Pack Glasses for a Move

The best way to pack glasses for moving is to start with a solid, medium-sized cardboard box. Medium sized packing boxes for moving glasses will be better than a larger box as they aren’t as heavy or tricky to move. You will also need some recyclable bubble wrap, protective packing paper, and maybe even some void fill paper to help cushion your glassware.

Want to watch packing glasses in action? Check out this handy video.

How to Prepare your Packaging

The first item on the list of how to pack glasses for moving is to prep your box.

  • Take your medium sized box and line it with packing paper. This will make the box rattle less and may provide a little cushioned protection should the box be accidentally dropped.


How to Wrap Glasses for Moving

  • Start with your heaviest glasses first and wrap each individually in bubble wrap or with recycled heavy paper
  • Place the largest glasses at the bottom
  • You can then do the same with your lighter glasses
  • The lip of each glass should be well wrapped rather than exposed to avoid chips and breakages


How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

  • The best way to pack wine glasses for moving is to make sure that the stem is wrapped first (you can even do this in bubble wrap and use packing paper for the rest of the glass)
  • Make sure they are placed at the top of the box
  • You also want to leave lots of extra room at the top of the box for filling with paper so there’s plenty of cushioning

From cardboard boxes to packaging tape and bubble wraps, at Smith Packaging we are passionate about changing the way the world packs. As we turn our minds more towards waste-free living, packaging needs to move with the times and suppliers need to be forward-thinking about innovative and sustainable options.

This is where Smith Packaging comes in. As a family-run business, we want to be an active part of the solution, which is why all our packaging has an emphasis on being eco-friendly without losing its tough edge.

The best way to pack glasses for a move is to use high quality packaging without the waste and to make the time to ensure there’s no exposed glass and plenty of cushioning. Get all the cardboard boxes, protective packaging, and packaging tape you need from our store.

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