What Is Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging?

By Sam Smith

July 20th 2021

The world of e-commerce packaging is known for the amount of waste it generates. A huge contribution to climate change on a global scale, packaging makes up a third of all household waste, with the e-commerce industry only set to grow. 

The good news is that over 70% of people across America and Europe are happy to pay a ‘green premium’ if it means that the retailer is using sustainably-sourced or recycled packaging. Either way, there is an urgent need for a more sustainable approach to eco-friendly packaging. 

Sustainable E-commerce Packaging

As defined in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, sustainable packaging is: 

  • Beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its lifecycle
  • Meets market criteria for performance and cost
  • Made from, transported with, and recycled using renewable energy
  • Uses renewable or recycled materials wherever possible
  • Manufactured using ‘clean’ technologies
  • Designed to optimise use of both materials and energy

This also includes a reduction in your existing packaging processes. Excess plastic, cardboard and other items might also put you in bad favour with customers who are consciously trying to reduce their own carbon footprint. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly E-commerce Packaging

Choosing eco-friendly e-commerce packaging offers the beauty of many benefits. Not only will you be taking active steps against climate change, you may also be impressing customers and establishing a broader base of clientele thanks to your efforts. 

Not only does unnecessary, excess packaging seem to annoy customers, but they’re also more likely to purchase a product if it is delivered using sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. 

Here’s what one study found are the three main reasons businesses switch to sustainable packaging:


Where to Buy Sustainable Product Packaging 

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