Moving House Packaging

Whether packing up a single room or a whole house, Smith Packaging can help you stash, stack, and ship all your personal belongings with our eco-friendly packaging

From cardboard boxes to Kraft tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap, we have everything you need for moving house. As a leading UK packaging supplier, we keep you moving with all your stuff safely in tow.

What Is Moving House Packaging?

Moving house is a pretty stressful experience. That stress can certainly be exasperated if you have to deal with breakages and disorganisation along the way. Moving house packaging can cut down on all of this and can make your move a breeze. We have sturdy packaging boxes for heavy weight items which will put your mind at ease when moving home to home.

With out a doubt there are many moving parts to moving house packaging, but you will at least need a selection of cardboard boxes and some additional cushioning packaging, like bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Moving house cardboard boxes can not only help organise your items, but also means they can be transported in an easy manner. Another essential item for moving home is bubble wrap, bubble wrap can be used to wrap and secure each item and is commonly used for fragile items like glass, crockery, and paintings to reduce damage in transit. If you have loose items in the box and don’t want no waste then packing peanuts can provide an extra layer of protection when on the move.

When to Use Moving House Packaging

The main time you will want to look at moving house packaging is, of course, when you are moving house. But you can also choose moving house packaging when moving from one room to another, re-organising your home setup, or even when placing your things in storage. Protecting your precious belongings and sentimental items not only keeps things physically safe, but also provides peace of mind and helps us to adjust to change.

What to Look for In Moving House Packaging

When looking for your moving house packaging, you need to think of sturdiness and safety first. You want cardboard boxes (maybe in variable sizes) that are sturdy enough to carry your books, glasses, and fragile items without the fear of the bottom falling out. You can choose single wall cardboard boxes for when you need to pack away lighter items, and double wall boxes for when you need a heavier duty solution.

You also want to look at void fillers for helping you to pack in your items as tight and safely as possible and stopping things rattling around in transit. The less movement, the less likely there is to be damage. Bubble wrap is a great choice for fragile items, packing peanuts can be great for electronics, and paper void fill can be used for less delicate items.

Moving House with Smith Packaging

Moving can be an expensive business and you may also want to consider costs. Fortunately, Smith Packaging has no minimum limit on what you can order – whether you need to pack up a hotel or a tiny home, you only get the things you need.

At Smith Packaging, we are also passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly packaging choices. As moving house can be a time of cutting out the clutter, we are here to help reduce the waste. All our cardboard boxes and other moving house packaging items are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. Whether they’re made from recycled materials, ready to recycle, or here to be re-used time and time again, you can cut down your carbon footprint with our sustainable moving solutions.