Packaging Boxes

Packaging products are what we do best at Smith Packaging.

As one of the leading suppliers for all things packaging in the UK, we offer a wide range of sustainable and high quality packaging solutions to keep your goods safely stashed or moving from A to B no matter what.

From eco-friendly mail bags to packaging boxes and biodegradable protective packaging, easy to send envelopes, and tapes and wraps – we can help you pack and protect whatever you need.

Protection, Privacy, and Perfect Packaging

As a cardboard box packaging supplier, we help businesses both big and small to send their goods. Whether you’re running a part-time Etsy brand or sending goods across the globe at a multi-million pound scale, we have the product, the expertise, and the personal touch to help your goods get there.

Packaging boxes are one of the most important elements in the shipping process. Not only will the right packaging box protect your goods, add a layer of privacy, and make it easier to send, but they can be padded out, tailored, and custom designed to fit your individual business needs.

How to Select the Right Size Packaging Boxes

From small packaging boxes to postal packaging boxes and larger scale boxes for bulk items, whatever size and style of cardboard box packaging solutions you need, we can set you up.

Finding the right size box for your individual needs or your business may mean measuring your item first. You may also want to add extra protection, such as eco-friendly packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper void fill to create an extra cushion between your item and the walls of the box.

When selecting your box size, you should consider adding a little extra room to the dimension without leaving so much space that your goods rattle around.

Consider Strength

Depending on what you are sending, you may also need to consider how strong your packaging box needs to be. While all our packaging boxes are of the highest structural quality, a double walled cardboard box is always going to be stronger than the single walled version.

If you are sending items that are below 10kg, you may find a single walled packaging box will do just the trick. Heavier or fragile items will require a double wall to ensure extra protection throughout the packing and shipping process.

Customising Details

Custom packaging boxes are a great way of boosting your brand. The best part? Any kind of box can be customised. Whether you’re sending small packaging boxes that fit through the post box door or something larger, you can customise your box with stamps, packaging labels, and through the use of reference panels for ease.

Sustainable Packaging

Strength, size, and design all matter when it comes to picking the perfect packaging boxes for you, but take some time to consider sustainability, too.

Opting for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for business. Consumers want to make sustainable choices, and by switching to environmentally friendly packaging, you can give them what they want and set yourself apart from the competition.

And that doesn’t need to stop at packaging boxes, but can include all your shipping supplies. From paper void fill to poly mail bags and Kraft tape, the future is in our hands.