Removal Boxes

Proper removal boxes should be super strong, durable, and made to make the distance. 

What are removal boxes?

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the world, removal boxes are made to make moving your goods from A to B as easy as possible. Giving your possessions the best protection keeps moving from being a stressful experience, and this is where finding high quality removal boxes can be worth their weight in gold.

What are the benefits of removal boxes?

While you may be weighing up using a standard cardboard box or even a bunch of bags to pack up your goods, you can truly reap the benefits of using proper boxes for removals.

Well made removal boxes will not only make your move more organised, but they’ll reduce any risks of breakages and damage and keep your goods clean and safe during storage and transit until you’re ready to unpack.

The main difference between removal boxes and standard cardboard boxes is in their strength and durability.

House removal boxes are made to hold extra weight and are more durable (AKA there’s no risk of the bottom falling out…). Here are five benefits you can enjoy from cardboard removal boxes:

  • Easy to pack up and down
  • Can keep your belongings organised
  • Highly durable and protective – reducing risks of damage during transit
  • Can come in a variety of sizes
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, and you can typically reuse or recycle them

Who uses removal boxes?

Whether you’re moving house or business, whatever reason you have for packing up your belongings, removal storage boxes can be just the solution.

Having double walled cardboard boxes for all your removal needs can be a surefire way of ensuring that no matter what you are packing, you have the equipment to handle it. By getting organised and using the right packaging, storage, and shipping materials, you can pre-empt any moving issues and ensure that you have the right solutions in place.

From sturdy and big removal boxes to eco-friendly void fill, bubble wrap, and even labels – from packing up shop to splitting for a new city, choosing to buy removal boxes is something you won’t regret.

What to look for in removal boxes


The last thing you want from your removal box is for the bottom to fall out. Strength truly matters when it comes to a removal box that won’t crease or bend in transit, not to mention one that will hold an adequate amount of weight. Double walled and corrugated cardboard removal boxes are sure to bring more than their fair share of strength to the party.

Various sizes

Organisation is a key skill to making a move go well, and for this you may need several different box sizes. For example, clothes and books may call for bigger boxes, but smaller items, collectables, and glassware may be better in medium to smaller sized boxes to avoid any excess banging around.

Clean and compact

Packing up your precious goods means that you want a sanitary space to stack your stuff. Used cardboard boxes may contain traces of food or other elements depending on what they were used for before you got hold of them. Rather than running the risk, a new removal box gives you that clean space. You should also look for removal boxes that are easy to construct.

Removal boxes from Smith Packaging

As one of the leading suppliers in the UK for all things packaging, our range of removal boxes has been designed to take the drama out of moving.

Not only do we offer strong and sturdy cardboard boxes made for packing and shipping, but we have all the other essentials too – from packing peanuts to paper tape. With no minimum order, you can stack up on as many (or as few) removal boxes as you need.

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