Packing Products for E-Commerce Businesses

By Sam Smith

July 27th 2021

Since being invented in 1817, cardboard boxes have come a long way, and are now the most popular type of packaging across the world. If you’re an ecommerce business, or any other business that relies on high-quality packaging to safely deliver goods to your customers, you might already know that cardboard boxes don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario when it comes to quality. 

In order to ensure the safe arrival of your product, it’s best to look out for the five following features of cardboard boxes.

Top 5 Things to Look for In Quality Cardboard Boxes

1. Dense Cardboard Boxes 

An obvious starting point is to ensure that the cardboard used to create the box is good quality. A strong, durable cardboard box will have a fluted pattern between the layers of cardboard, and if the exterior is covered with Kraft paper or something similar, this suggests that it will be more resistant to water and therefore a great choice for ecommerce and delivery use. 

Despite this durable density, a well-made cardboard box will also benefit from being lightweight to ensure seamless postage and easy delivery. 

2. Choice of Double or Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Any reputable packaging manufacturer will offer a choice between double or single walled cardboard boxes. What this effectively means is there will be a choice of box best suited to you depending on exactly what it is you are posting. 

Single wall cardboard boxes are most commonly used for light goods that are unlikely to get damaged during transit. A durable and cost-effective solution, these boxes are also a great choice for light storage in the home. 

Double wall cardboard boxes are a more heavy-duty option to ensure the protection of fragile items in transit, ideal for when you’re moving house, or to store your personal possessions.

3. Sustainable Product Packaging 

84% of all cardboard packaging is recycled. This is a fantastic step towards a more sustainable future for packaging, and ethical brands will ensure that their cardboard products are 100% recyclable. 

Recycled paper is much more energy efficient, using 70% less than when made from new raw materials, meaning that any products made using recycled materials are a more environmentally-friendly option. 

4. Wide Range of Size Options

Any accommodating packaging supplier will understand that with a varied catalogue of products comes the demand for a variety of cardboard box sizes. For example, you wouldn’t want to be posting a pair of earrings in a box designed for a toaster! 

Suppliers of quality cardboard packaging will offer an extensive range of size options so that you can select whichever sizes are best suited for your business.


5. Product-Specific Cardboard Boxes 

Some suppliers might even offer product specific cardboard boxes to ensure minimal postage costs and maximum protection for your items. Many of these boxes feature a self-sealing strip and lightweight composition making them perfect for smaller items such as paperback books and small homewares. 

Whilst you’re likely to find the product that you need, you might also be able to order or request a custom sized cardboard box. 

Browse and buy quality cardboard packaging supplies.