How to Deliver Your Christmas Presents Safely

By Sam Smith

December 1st 2021

With the season of gift-giving just around the corner, it’s important to get organised early. From festive shopping to picking a tree and planning the parties and food, there’s always so much to think about.

At Smith Packaging, we can’t help you sort the champagne and canapés (sorry!), but we can help to make sure that your Christmas presents are packed and ready to be delivered safely. As one of the leading UK packaging suppliers, we have a whole range of products to help you deliver the goods. From envelopes and protective wrap to tape, mailing bags and boxes, whatever you need to pack, we have the perfect solution every single time.

Finding the right Christmas packaging that ticks all the boxes when it comes to festive spirit and functionality is never easy. If you’re sending personally picked and precious gifts through the post, you need to make sure you’ve done all you can to ensure it will arrive safely and in its original condition.

Here are four ways you can wrap your present so it doesn’t look like it took a battering in Santa’s sleigh…

Pick Strong Packaging

If you pick strong packaging as your base, then you are already setting your present out on the right foot. Rigid packaging can carry your gift far – whether it’s a strong and durable cardboard box for bigger items or a sturdy letter postal box for things that can fit through the door. For smaller gifts, cardboard backed or padded envelopes and mail bags can also be used to house and protect your present.

Tip Top Packaging Tape

Sellotape can be used to keep your parcel safe and secure, but we all know that sometimes this tape loses its stick and can come undone when moisture gets in. You could turn to Kraft tape as an alternative. Kraft tape is more eco-friendly than Sellotape as it’s made from paper, and it adds an extra layer of security as it can only be hand-torn. While regular clear tape can be peeled, paper tape stays tight and tamper-proof until Christmas morning.

Added Padding for Packages

Whenever you are sending anything in the post, you don’t want to simply place it in a box and hope for the best. This is especially true with sending a gift. So your present isn’t privy to knocks and bumps along the way, you may want to add in some extra padding. Bubble wrap, void filler, and even eco-friendly packing peanuts can all provide extra cushioning and keep your present from getting bashed.

Make Your Parcels Pretty

Seasonal wrapping paper may be shiny, but it’s not always tough enough. You can get the best of both worlds by choosing a more rustic (and eco-friendly) way of wrapping your Christmas presents.

Wrapping your box in recycled brown paper may not be as sparkly as gift wrap, but it’s way more environmentally friendly packaging option and when you add in some extra details it can look seasonally simple and elegant in all the right ways. Using recycled paper as the base wrap, you can tie it with natural twine, add on some holly or rosemary, or even paint or decorate the paper in a different way if you wish!