How to pack a mirror for moving house

Protect your mirror from scratches, cracks, and smashes with these 5 simple steps.

By Sam Smith

January 17th 2023

Mirrors are probably amongst the most fragile and likely to break items you possess. That means packing a mirror for moving house is a task that should be done properly (you don’t want seven years’ bad luck, after all).

Here’s everything you need to know to avoid broken mirrors when you’re moving house, and a quick step-by-step overview to get you started:

  1. Tape your mirror
  2. Add corner protectors (if necessary)
  3. Wrap your mirror and seal it tight
  4. Place it in your box and pad
  5. Seal & label your box

Equipment & supplies you need to pack a mirror for moving

Before you start packing your mirror, there are a few things you’ll need to ensure it’s safe and protected from damage, including:

  • Masking tape – placing tape on the mirror itself will reduce the risk of the glass shattering if it breaks
  • A protective wrapping material – cardboard or bubble wrap do the trick
  • Strong tape to seal the wrapping
  • A suitable sized cardboard box for packing the mirror into
  • Padding for the inside of your box – this could be bubble wrap or packing peanuts, for example
  • A good marker pen – for labelling your box so you know where to put it in your new home
  • Corner protectors if your mirror is rectangular or square

A step-by-step guide to packing a mirror for moving house

So, when you have the supplies you need to pack your mirror, you can get started. Here’s how to pack a mirror so it stays safe and protected while you move:

1. Tape your mirror

If your mirror happens to crack while you’re moving house, placing masking tape in an X shape on the glass will help prevent it completely shattering and getting shards of glass everywhere. It’s easiest to lay your mirror face up, and on a high surface like a table if possible, to tape and pack it properly.

2. Add corner protectors (if necessary)

If you have a square or rectangular mirror that isn’t in a frame, the corners are the most vulnerable and liable to get chipped in transit. Avoid this by placing rubber, foam, or card protectors over the corners before you wrap your mirror. Protectors are easy to come by on Amazon, and are well worth the few pounds of investment.

3. Wrap your mirror and seal it tight

You have a choice of materials for wrapping your mirror to give it a protective cushioning. You could just use an old blanket, or you could go for something that’s designed specifically for ensuring items aren’t damaged, such as paper bubble wrap. Make sure you seal the wrapping so the mirror doesn’t slide out of it and get damaged.

4. Place it in your box and add padding

Put your wrapped and sealed mirror in your cardboard box and add your chosen padding material until your mirror is totally protected. It’s a good idea not to pack more than one mirror in the same box – or put anything else in the box – especially if you have a large mirror.

5. Seal & label your box

When your mirror is snugly inside your box and fully protected, seal the box tight with strong packing tape (we like Kraft tape for its strength and eco-friendliness). Label your box with the room that the mirror will be going into in your new home.

6. Transport your mirror to your new home

It’s best to keep your mirror on its side when you’re transporting it to your new home. Placing it flat might mean things get piled or fall on top of it which will increase the risk of your mirror being damaged in transit. If you’re also transporting your mattress, try putting your mirror alongside that for extra cushioning.

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