How to pack electronics for moving

Protect your TV, games console, and other electronics in just 6 steps. Don’t let them get damaged in transit to your new home.

By Sam Smith

February 22nd 2023

It’s important to package small electronic items carefully when you move house as they can easily get damaged and are often expensive to repair or replace. In fact, electronics are amongst the items most at risk of damage when moving.

We recommend that you not only wrap your electronic items individually, but also put them in cardboard boxes of an appropriate size with extra padding or packaging protection. When you or your removal company are loading the removal vehicle, make sure that nothing heavy or large is placed on your boxes of electronic items to reduce the risk of damage.

Here’s a quick overview of how to pack small electronics when you’re moving house:

  1. Place batteries, chargers & cables in a sealable bag with a label
  2. Wrap each electronic item in bubble wrap
  3. Place in an appropriate-sized cardboard box
  4. Fill the space in the box with protective packaging
  5. Seal the box tightly
  6. Label the box with the name of the item/room it should go in

Equipment & supplies you need to pack small electronic items

You don’t need much equipment for packing electronic items, whether that’s an air fryer or a DVD player, but you do need to make sure they are good quality and plentiful. It’s definitely best to have too much protective packaging than too little! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Strong, sealable plastic bags to store any loose items, such as batteries or cables
  • Paper bubble wrap or traditional bubble wrap to add a protective layer around your electronics
  • Appropriate sized cardboard boxes – each one should fit your item snugly (if you have the original boxes the items came in, even better)
  • Extra protective packaging, such as packing peanuts, to fill any extra space in your box so the items don’t move around
  • Strong packaging tape to secure the boxes
  • A marker pen to label your boxes

A step-by-step guide to packing electronics when you move house

It’s not just about how you put your items in your moving house boxes, but how you prepare them. This step-by-step guide will walk you through packing all your electronics safely to help prevent damage during transit:

  1. Remove any batteries and place them, along with any loose items like cables, chargers or remote controls, in a strong, sealable plastic bag and label the bag with the name of the item they belong to.
  2. Wrap your item in bubble wrap so that it’s well-protected, and tape it securely.
  3. Put your item in the cardboard box it came in, or in an appropriate-sized cardboard box. It’s best not to put more than one electronic item in the same box, in case they knock against each other.
  4. Add any protective packaging like packing peanuts into your box, ensuring you fill all the space.
  5. Seal the box tightly with strong packing tape.
  6. Label the box with the name of the item and/or the room it should go in in your new home.

You can pack all types of small electronics in the same way, from kitchen items like air fryers and blenders to DVD players, digital radios, and personal computers.

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