How to pack lampshades when moving house

Don’t let your lampshades get damaged during a house move. Our 6 steps help you keep it protected during transport.

By Sam Smith

January 24th 2023

Packing lampshades when you’re moving house can be a challenge. The many different shapes, sizes, and weights can flummox even the most experienced of packers – and that’s without mentioning delicate or fragile lampshades.

So, how do you go about packing all your different lampshades and ensure they get safely to your new home? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Detach the lampshade from your lamp
  2. Wrap your lampshade in a protective material like paper bubble wrap
  3. Place it in an appropriately sized cardboard box
  4. Add extra protection, such as packing peanuts
  5. Seal the box
  6. Label the box

Equipment & supplies you need to pack lampshades

Firstly, let’s look at what you’ll need to pack up your lampshades so they don’t get damaged and are protected in transit:

  • A moving box – one that’s large enough to accommodate your lamp or lampshade and some extra padding (it’s best not to pack anything else in with the lampshade)
  • Padding – this could be bubble wrap, paper, or packing peanuts, for example
  • Packing tape – a strong and secure tape is best to ensure the box doesn’t open while you’re moving
  • A good marker pen – for labelling your box so you know where to put it in your new home

A step-by-step guide to packing a lampshade

Once you’ve got your equipment and supplies ready, you can start packing your lampshade. Here’s your handy step-by-step guide:

1. Detach the lampshade from your lamp

You’re less likely to damage your lampshade if you pack it separately to the lamp. Unplug your lamp and take the bulb out, then unscrew the shade from the lamp.

2. Wrap your lampshade

Depending on how delicate or fragile your lampshade is, you may want to start by wrapping it in bubble wrap or thick paper. Make sure you tape it as well, so the wrapping is less likely to come apart in transit – we recommend Kraft paper tape, which is strong and recyclable.

3. Place it in your appropriate sized box

Line the bottom of your box with your protective material and place your wrapped lampshade inside. Make sure the box is sealed well underneath so your shade doesn’t fall out and get damaged.

4. Add extra protection

Fill the space around your lampshade with whatever material you’ve chosen to use as protection. Make sure you use enough so your shade doesn’t move or rattle around inside the box and get damaged.

5. Seal the box

Make sure your box is well-sealed with your strong tape, so there’s no risk of your lampshade falling out and getting damaged in the move to your new home.

6. Label the box

Label your box with the room that the lampshade will be going into in your new home. If you have a lot of lamps or lampshades, you may also want to add a quick description so you know which one it is, such as “blue crystal shade for bathroom” or “black perspex lamp for lounge”, etc.

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