How to Pack Sharp Knives for Moving Without Any Damage

By Sam Smith

May 11th 2023

Moving house can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when it comes to packing your precious belongings. Among these items, sharp kitchen knives can be particularly challenging to pack, as you want to ensure they’re protected and don’t cause any damage.

3 important reasons to pack knives properly

Amidst the packing frenzy, it’s easy to overlook the importance of properly packing your sharp knives. However, doing so not only ensures the safety of your belongings, but also provides protection for you and your loved ones during the move.

So, let’s dive into the reasons why it’s crucial to pack knives correctly.

1. Protecting Yourself and Others

Sharp knives pose a significant risk of injury, especially when hurriedly rummaging through boxes during unpacking. By packing your knives correctly, you minimise the chances of accidental cuts and scrapes, keeping everyone involved in the move safe and sound.

2. Preserving Your Knives

High-quality knives can be quite an investment. A 3-piece professional knife set from ZWILLING starts from £199. Individual 20cm knives can cost £109.

With this investment, you’d want to keep them in tip-top shape as you move. Proper packing prevents the blades from rubbing against other items, chipping, or dulling, ensuring they’re as sharp and efficient as ever in your new home.

3. Preventing Damage to Other Belongings

Imagine the heartache of discovering your favourite dress, a cherished antique, or an expensive gadget has been ruined by an improperly packed knife. By ensuring the blades are securely wrapped and immobilised, you not only protect your knives but also the rest of your possessions from potential damage.

Taking the time to pack your sharp knives properly is a small yet essential step towards a smooth and stress-free move. With a bit of care and attention, you can avoid injuries, preserve your prized cutlery, and keep your possessions intact during the big transition.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of packing your sharp knives safely and efficiently.

Let’s go.

Kitchen knife with wooden knife cover

Equipment and Supplies needed

(You’ll also need the kitchen knives to pack!)

Step by Step Process for Packing Kitchen Knives

1. Gather Your Materials

The most important material is the container. Opt for a sturdy, durable container to hold your knives during the move. When protected correctly, a thick double walled cardboard box is a great option. A hard plastic or metal toolbox are good alternatives.

2. Protect the Blades

Place knife guards or blade covers on each knife to protect the sharp edges. If you don’t have any, you can use bubble wrap or our tubing rolls as an alternative. Wrap the blade securely and then tape it in place.

3. Bundle the Knives

This crucial step ensures your sharp tools are snug, secure and won’t cause any damage during the move.

First, gather all your knives and lay them out on a clean surface. This will help you assess their sizes, shapes and the best way to bundle them. Remember to handle them carefully to avoid any accidents.

Once you have all your knives laid out, it’s time to create a safe bundle. You can use a few different methods:

  1. Knife Roll: If you own a knife roll, simply place each knife in its designated slot, and then roll it up. This is a great way to keep your knives organised and secure.
  2. Towel or Bubble Wrap: Lay a thick towel or bubble wrap on a flat surface, place your knives on it with their handles facing the same direction, and then carefully roll the towel or bubble wrap around the blades. Secure the bundle with tape or a string.
  3. Cardboard Sheaths: Create custom cardboard sheaths for each knife by cutting a piece of cardboard slightly longer and wider than the blade, folding it over the blade, and taping it shut. Our tubing rolls will do the job. Then, place the sheathed knives together and wrap them in bubble wrap or a towel.

4. Arrange the knives in the box

Now that your knives are safely wrapped and protected, arrange them in the box. The way you place them can make a significant difference in ensuring their safety during the move.

We recommend placing the biggest and heaviest knives at the bottom of the box. This will create a stable base for the smaller knives and prevent them from shifting during transit. Also, make sure all blades are facing the same way, ideally towards the side of the box. This lessens the chances of them accidentally piercing the protective wrapping and causing damage.

Pool noodles used as a knife cover

What to do with knives that won’t fit in boxes

With knives that don’t fit in boxes, we’ve got three solutions to ensure their safe and secure transportation:

1. Wrap ’em up 

First things first, grab some heavy-duty bubble wrap or thick fabric and securely wrap the blade. Ensure that the sharp edge is well-cushioned so it doesn’t pose a threat to any nearby objects or curious fingers. Don’t be shy with the tape – the more, the merrier!

2. Create a DIY sheath 

If you’re feeling a tad artsy, why not create a custom sheath for your oversized knife? You can use materials like cardboard, a thick plastic folder, or even a cut-up yoga mat. Just cut the material to the size of the blade, fold it over, and secure it with some strong tape. Voilà – a homemade knife protector!

3. The power of pool noodles 

Got a pool noodle laying around? Slice it lengthwise to create a channel, then slip your securely wrapped knife into it. The foam will provide ample protection for both the blade and anything that might come into contact with it. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter for your new neighbours!

5. Fill empty spaces with packing material

Use bubble wrap, packing paper, or even crumpled newspaper to fill any gaps between the knives. This extra padding will help keep the knives in place and prevent them from moving around during your move.

6. Seal and label the box

Once your knives are snugly arranged in the box, it’s time to seal it up. Don’t forget to label the box as “Fragile” and “Sharp Objects” to ensure everyone handling it is aware of the contents and takes extra care. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the box in transit.

Packing sharp knives for a move requires a bit of extra care and attention, but with these simple steps, you’ll ensure the safety of both your knives and your other belongings. By choosing the right materials and methods, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your knives are secure and ready for your new home. Happy moving!

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