How to Properly Label a Package

By Sam Smith

May 12th 2022

If you want to know how to correctly label a package, you need to remember the magic word – clarity. Labels are the map of how a package gets from A to B and serve as instructions to the team who will deal with your package along its journey.

What’s the best way to label a package?

There are some essential elements when it comes to how to label a package. In the most basic format you will need:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The address of the recipient (including house number, street number, town or city, and postcode)
  • The name of the sender
  • The address of the sender

You want to make sure that you place the recipient (intended) address in a prime place on your package to make it clear that this is where the package needs to go. Print the address clearly on the bottom centre of the label to avoid handwriting mistakes and confusion, and place the label on the longest side of the package.

If you want to put a return label on a package, you need to make sure that you have a large enough label. The return address can be printed in the top left hand corner of the label and should clearly be marked as sender.

If you’re shipping a package internationally, you’ll need a few extra details, such as the package weight, the shipping class, and a barcode or electronic tracking number. These can be obtained from your carrier company or you can generate them online and print your own shipping labels.

Why it’s important to label packages right

So why do you need to know how to properly label a package? There are many benefits to labelling a package right, especially if you’re sending something out for shipping.

Not only will a properly labelled package have more chance of a seamless delivery and ending up exactly where it needs to be, but it can also improve efficiency, too. In the event that your item or package gets waylaid on its journey, correct packaging – and especially those with return labels – can avoid being lost forever.

A label is an added element of information and security and when done right, it helps both humans and machines get the package to exactly where it needs to be. It also brings benefit to the recipient as they can clearly see that the package is intended for them.

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