What is Kraft Paper?

By Sam Smith

February 1st 2022

Just like the name suggests, Smith Packaging is a leading UK supplier of all things packaging. Whether you’re packing up your whole house, sending goods from your ecommerce store, or just looking to ship a bunch of boxes or a single letter – we have everything you need.

Envelopes, sturdy cardboard boxes, labels, pallet wrap, plastic and Kraft tape, and void fill – our well tailored range of packaging supplies grants perfect peace of mind. With no minimum order and an emphasis on sustainability, Smith Packaging keeps quality at an all time high.

Speaking of sustainability, here at Smith Packaging we love all things Kraft. Kraft paper is an eco-friendly – and stronger – alternative to regular paper products.

What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a strong, sustainable, and super versatile type of paper. You may have seen it used for various things – packaging goods, wrapping sandwiches, as the paper used to make envelopes, in gift wrap, and for a thousand other things.It’s also used to make cardboard boxes too.

Kraft paper is considered a superior paper as it is made stronger due to the production process, and it is a more sustainable option for two reasons:

  • It can be made from any kind of tree
  • All the chemicals used to make Kraft paper are completely reusable

How Is Kraft Paper Made?

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp. It is produced by cooking wood chips in a chemical concoction made of sodium sulphide and sodium hydroxide. This helps the structural components of lignin and cellulose to break apart (these are the structural components of wood).

You want to keep the cellulose, but you don’t want the lignin as it doesn’t make for good paper. By separating the two, you get to single the cellulose out. The pulp that’s left from the cooked wood chips then gets screened, washed, and turned into paper products.

What Colour Is Kraft Paper?

The most common kind of Kraft paper you can see is brown, as this is the colour it forms in its natural state. However, Kraft paper can also be bleached to turn it white. The reason why Kraft paper is brown naturally is because the kind of wood pulp it produces is darker than the standard way of making paper.

What Is Kraft Paper Used For?

Kraft paper is used in many different ways. Because it is considered stronger and thicker than your average paper, it is often used for heavy duty or industrial packing purposes. It is also used commonly by delis, bakeries, and supermarkets to wrap up fresh food produce.

Kraft paper is also used to make paper bags, paper envelopes, and other such packaging and shipping materials, such as Kraft paper tape. It is also becoming a popular choice as sustainable gift wrap as it looks elegant along with being eco-friendly.

Why Choose Kraft Paper?

Whether for business or pleasure, those seeking a sustainable, stronger, and swish-looking alternative to basic white paper should reap the benefits of Kraft. Kraft is a great eco choice as it can be made from any kind of tree, uses reusable chemicals in its production, and is completely biodegradable.

Kraft paper will easily decompose in just a few weeks and will leave not a trace. It can also be reused time and again. Kraft paper also has the benefit of being stronger than average paper, meaning that you need less of it and it can be used for a wider range of packaging or wrapping needs. For individuals who want to make a change or for businesses looking to boost their recycling power, Kraft paper is a first-class choice.