What Packaging Can Paper Void Fill Be Used For?

By Sam Smith

March 22nd 2022

Say goodbye to bubble wrap and sayonara to packing peanuts as you embrace the eco-friendly ease of paper void fill.

The perfect space filler, paper void is lightweight, easily recyclable, and hugely versatile.

We take a quick look at the ins and outs of paper void fill and figure out all the ways in which it can be used.

What Is Paper Void Fill?

Paper void fill is a term for a paper material that is used as filler usually in packaging. When you pack up a box and there is space between your item and the sides of the box, it helps to add some extra padding as protection and this is where paper void fill comes in.

Other kinds of space filler in packaging are bubble wrap and packing peanuts.


What Are the Benefits of Paper Void Fill?

There are many reasons to use paper void fill. First and foremost, it adds extra protection to your packaging. While it isn’t designed to completely prevent fragile items from breakages in transit, it can certainly reduce the chances. It can also help to stop items sliding around.

Along with protection, paper void fill is one of the most recyclable materials you can use in packaging. While packing peanuts and bubble wrap may be limited in their recycling or future uses, paper void fill can be used time and time again and can even be re-used for other uses beyond being basic void filler.

Paper is environmentally friendly for more reasons than just being easily recyclable. It can also be used to wrap goods or be converted into something new.

Another benefit of paper void fill is the fact that it’s so lightweight and therefore very easy to store. Paper void fill is cost effective, efficient, and incredibly versatile, making it one of the best choices for all your protective packaging needs.

When to Use Paper Void Fill?

Here are just a few of the times when you may want to use paper void fill:

  • To pad out space between your item and cardboard box when shipping goods
  • To prevent movement and sliding during transit of goods or personal belongings
  • To create padding when packing boxes to move house
  • To wrap glasses and delicate items in when storing or moving goods
  • To improve the unboxing experience for customers who purchase your products
  • When putting a hamper or gift box together

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