Why is Bubble Wrap Good for Packaging?

By Sam Smith

April 18th 2022

Famed for its addictive poppable properties, bubble wrap goes beyond being something fun to fiddle with, and is actually one of the best packaging materials around.

What is bubble wrap?

Often used to wrap fragile goods, this cushioned material brings an extra layer of cushioning and prevents your items from getting jostled about in transit. Bubble wrap gets its name as it is essentially a plastic type sheet with visible air bubbles.

What is bubble wrap used for?

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular forms of protective packaging, and is often used in storage and when sending goods. Here are some examples of when that roll of bubble wrap is sure to come in handy:

  • To protect items in transit
  • When moving house
  • To protect fragile goods in storage
  • When sending post
  • To prevent storage items from getting dirty or dusty
  • As insulation to keep items from getting hot or cool

What are the benefits of bubble wrap?

Protective, cost effective, and easy to use – there are a ton of great benefits to be had from bubble wrap. Whether you’re an individual looking to ship an item, pack up your stuff, or keep something safe in storage, or if you are a business wanting to find the most effective and efficient packaging solutions, bubble wrap is one of the best materials you can invest in.

Here are five answers to the question, “why is bubble wrap good for packaging?”

1. Its cushioning effect

One of the best reasons to choose bubble wrap for packaging is the fact that it’s designed to be cushioned, meaning that it protects your items from impact. This is especially important when the item is in transit as this can mean lots of vibrations. When bubble wrap is used, this stops the shock and helps your item stay safe.

2. Bubble wrap is easy to cut

When wrapping, sending, or storing items, you want to work with a material that’s easy to cut and customise. Bubble wrap is exactly that. You can quickly cut your bubble wrap to size with a pair of scissors and as it’s also such a malleable material, you can wrap just about anything in it.

3. It’s cost-effective

Another benefit of bubble wrap is that it’s so cost-effective. You can get a lot of bubble wrap for little money, and you can also reuse it, giving you more bang for your buck.

4. It’s lightweight

Bubble wrap is one of the lightest materials you can find for packaging and protecting your products. As it is designed to be mostly air bubbles, you don’t have to worry about weight adding to your packaging costs.

5. Bubble wrap is waterproof

If you’re worried about your items getting wet in transit, wrap them in bubble wrap. Since it’s waterproof, bubble wrap will keep your items safe and dry, as long as you’ve ensured that it’s all taped up properly, with no gaps.

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