How to Package Picture Frames

By Sam Smith

July 19th 2022

Whether you’re packing up your picture frames and mirrors to move house or because you are putting goods in storage, or even as a retailer selling framed pics, this is one item that you want to make sure to pack well.

Packaging for picture frames needs to go that extra mile. As picture frames are fragile, you want to do all that you can to reduce any damage and keep them well-protected from scuffs, scrapes, dust, and damp. Check out these tips on picture frame packaging.

5 tips for packaging picture frames

Get the right sized box

If you’re shipping artwork, picture frames or mirrors, you should sort them according to size and make sure you pick the right sized box.

Smaller frames can be packed together, whereas you might want to pack larger frames individually in a box that’s slightly larger than the frame itself. If you can’t match the frame with a similar sized cardboard box, then you’ll need to think carefully about how to cushion your picture frame.

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Use tape on the glass

When packaging picture frames, you should use tape to mark an X across the glass front. This can be masking tape or Kraft paper tape. The idea of marking an X is to ensure that the glass doesn’t move around too much within the frame and it may also prevent the glass from shattering.

Wrap it up

Wrapping up your picture frame is another essential element of keeping it safe during the moving process or even when storing it. When moving or shipping your picture frame, you really want to avoid it rattling around in the box or the moving van.

If you’re storing it, an extra layer or so of protective packaging like bubble wrap can keep dust, dirt, debris, and damp out. When choosing your picture frame packaging supplies, you should add recycled paper rolls and bubble wrap into the mix.

Wrap your picture frame in a layer or two of paper and bubble wrap to cushion the frame and the glass against damage. Wrap the whole of the frame in the paper and bubble wrap and then finish by wrapping it in packing tape both lengthwise and widthwise to keep the paper secure while moving.

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Pad out your box

After placing your picture frame in the box, you should also make sure to fill any gaps with packing peanuts or paper void fill. This will further cushion movement and means that if your picture frame does happen to move around or rattle, there is some cushioning to prevent excessive movement.

Seal and label

Make sure that you seal the box thoroughly and that you add a fragile packaging label to it. This is especially important if movers will be dealing with your boxes or if they are undergoing third party transit.

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