Tips for Processing Returns

By Sam Smith

August 2nd 2022

For many ecommerce businesses, the return process can seem like a daunting task. In the age of Amazon, customers have become accustomed to easy, free, and minimum fuss return policies – and this has raised the stakes for online sellers everywhere.

One of the secrets to customer satisfaction is keeping things simple. Quick order fulfilment, fast delivery, good customer service, and solid returns processing all keep consumers coming back. Here are our tips on how ecommerce brands can make the customer return process a breeze.

4 ways to make the returns process easier

1. Minimise controllable returns

There tends to be two different kinds of returns when it comes to business. The returns that you can’t control – for example, the buyer changed their mind – or the kind you can have some control over – damage, faulty goods, etc.

Minimising the latter can come down to clearer product photos and descriptions, the best protective packaging you can find to reduce damage in shipping, and using high quality couriers or mail partners.

2. Have a clear returns policy

A clear returns policy will also add to a quality customer service experience and prevent problems down the road. You want to be transparent with your customers about the time frame in which they can return a product, and also have clear and concise information relating to refund policies and exchanges.

3. Provide return labels

By providing an easy to print return label, you help minimise the inconvenience that a customer needs to go through to return a product. Not only is this good for the customer, but it also means that you improve your own chances of getting the item back quicker and in good condition for resale.

It also cuts down on fraudulent returns. For these same reasons, you should also provide tracking and visibility for returns so that everyone can follow the process.

4. Review and update your returns processes

Reviewing and updating your returns policy, procedures, and processes is an important part of keeping business thriving.

If you see a sudden spike in returns, for example, this may be communicating something about your stock and may mean that you need to address the issue.

Also, try to keep your returns policies aligned with what the big players are doing, for example, offering free returns is a hugely attractive offer, but now some of the biggest names are pulling this or offering a small flat fee for returns to help cover rising shipping costs.

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