5 Top Tips for Ecommerce Packaging

By Sam Smith

June 14th 2022

Ecommerce packaging doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy – but it should be high quality, clean, and correct. When someone purchases your product, the packaging is all part of the unboxing experience and can add to the delight. This is your chance to make a great brand impression and to add to customer satisfaction.

Top ecommerce packaging tips

1. Invest in good packaging

One of the most important tips you can have when it comes to your ecommerce packaging is to ensure that you invest in high quality materials. Packing suppliers cater to different budgets and quality, so make sure to find one that you can rely on.

Not all cardboard boxes are born equal, and you want to make sure that whatever ecommerce packaging solutions you are choosing, that you find something sturdy, well-made, and ready to withstand being handled and shipped. Low quality packaging is more likely to break, tear, be crushed, and ultimately cause damage to your goods.

2. Find the right fit

You should try and find ecommerce packaging that fits your product in terms of size as closely as possible. Not only will this keep shipping costs down, but it will also prevent oversized packaging and reduce waste.

Excessive packaging is a pain for customers – not only may it have a negative impact on delivery, but they also need to figure out how to dispose of the packaging. By finding the right fit, you can prevent that kind of frustration and also reduce the need for lots of extra padding and wrapping – and that will also reduce your own costs.

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3. Be sustainable

There is a huge emphasis on going green as more and more consumers are wanting to purchase from brands who share their core values. Opting for sustainable packaging puts your brand up there as being ethical, conscientious, and caring about the world we live in.

When choosing your ecommerce packaging suppliers, don’t be shy about asking questions about their commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities for packaging products to be sustainable – cardboard, Kraft paper tape, paper void fill, and eco packing peanuts are just a few examples.

4. Make it secure but simple

Take security into account when it comes to putting together your ecommerce packaging, but don’t make it impossible for your customers to open the box.

For example, you should certainly use tape to secure your box so that the customer knows it hasn’t been tampered with and to keep your parcel secure. Paper tape can be a better choice than reams of plastic tape. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but it’s also easier to open without requiring scissors or other tools to actually get into the package.

5. Consider the details

Make sure that you pack and seal your package properly. Ecommerce packaging is rarely just putting something in a box and posting it – you will also need to provide some extra padding or some kind of void fill.

You should also be sure to use tape to secure the package and have clear labelling to ensure a speedy and stress free delivery.

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