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From a packaging box supplier to gift packaging suppliers in the UK, when it comes to packaging there’s a whole range of goods to consider.

What is a packaging supplier?

Packaging suppliers are there to provide businesses (both big and small) and individuals with all their packaging needs. As our modern world has shifted into a place where commerce runs on online sales and deliveries, more and more companies need cost-effective e-commerce packaging suppliers. These are businesses that provide packaging supplies to meet a range of different needs.

What products do packaging suppliers offer?

A packaging supplier will tend to offer items like cardboard boxes, tapes and bubble wraps, pallet wraps, and protective packaging and void fill. This could be everything from packing peanuts to paper.

They may also offer mail bags, paper bags, and even envelopes and labels. A good packaging equipment supplier will offer packaging solutions to suit a wide scope of different goods and sizes to meet a range of different needs.

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Who needs a packaging supplier?


There are many scenarios in which you may benefit from using a packaging supplier. Of course, ecommerce businesses will benefit from using a reliable and high quality packaging supplier, as they are constantly needing to fulfil delivery orders. A commercial packaging supplier can be a more reliable and cost-effective option rather than taking the DIY route.

When purchasing your own packaging supplies, you’ll usually pay full retail price. This means you can’t pass on great savings to your customers. You may also have to consider transport and storage options, too.

Working with an ecommerce packaging supplier can mean lower costs when it comes to purchase and delivery. You may also be able to find a wholesale gift packaging supplier that can customise your packaging supplies to strengthen your brand.


It’s not only businesses that need packaging supplies. Individuals may also need to choose a packaging box supplier for big life events, like moving house, changing country, or simply putting their goods into storage.

Myriad occasions in domestic settings can call for cardboard boxes, envelopes, Kraft tape, and all kinds of postal boxes and other supplies. Sure, you could pick these up from your local stationary shop, but why pay full retail price and make it a chore when you can order from the experts online and get it delivered to your door?

What to look for in a packaging supplier

So, what should you look for in a packaging supplier? Quality products should be at the top of your list, as should a supplier that takes reliability seriously. You also want to look for a packaging supplier that helps with the small details. Things like free expedited delivery, same day dispatch, and no minimum order value can all make the difference.

One of the biggest benefits you can get from a packaging supplier is a commitment to sustainability. In a world where consumers want to work with brands that recognise and reflect their values, opting for environmentally friendly packaging can truly make all the difference.

As one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK, here at Smith Packaging we make getting your goods where they need to go our priority. From envelopes to cardboard boxes, mailing bags, and void fill, we have everything you need from the biggest box to the smallest packing peanut to deliver all your packaging solutions in style.

With no minimum order, fuss-free delivery, and a sustainable ethos, we are a UK packaging material supplier with a difference.

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