Commercial Packaging

At Smith Packaging, we are passionate about all things packing. From simple domestic duties to small-scale senders and global business hubs, we know that getting goods and products from A to B is essential for making the world run smoothly.

To help keep things ticking, we have a wide range of packaging supplies, from cardboard boxes to envelopes, labels, mail bags, void fill, and so much more. With no minimum order and a commitment to be as sustainable as possible, our clients enjoy a seamless and safe arrival every single time.

What is commercial packaging?

Commercial packaging covers a lot of ground. It’s packaging that’s mainly aimed at those who are in the business of selling goods and dealing with consumers. Commercial packaging needs to tick a lot of boxes – first and foremost it needs to have protective properties to ensure that the goods in question get to where they are going without being damaged in transit.

It also must meet rigorous health and safety standards and be up to spec, especially if it’s travelling internationally. Commercial product packaging may also need to be aesthetically pleasing to boost the enjoyment of the consumer experience. It will also need to be cost-effective, easy to store, and available in various quantities depending on the demands of the industry or service provider.

5 benefits of commercial packaging

There are many benefits to commercial packaging – from the physical benefits of keeping goods safe and sound to raising brand awareness with bespoke packaging. Commercial packaging bags and commercial packaging boxes can be tailored in size and quantity to meet your needs.

Working with a commercial packaging supplier can also bring key benefits in the following ways:

  1. Whatever the weight or shape of your item, you can get a box or bag that protects and fits.
  2. You can enjoy a range of different void fillers and protective packaging to keep your goods safe during transit.
  3. You can customise elements of your packaging (like labels and envelopes) to reflect your brand’s personality and heritage.
  4. You can be safe in the knowledge that your packaging is strong, durable, and meets stringent health and safety guidelines.
  5. You can usually order in bulk, which means better deals and more for less.

What to look for in commercial packaging

When looking for high-quality commercial packaging design, you want to make sure that you choose packaging that fits the bill when it comes to your business needs. Strength and durability should certainly be at the top of that list. Commercial packaging standards should be robust enough to meet industrial and government requirements.

When picking your commercial packaging, you may also want to look for suppliers that offer flexibility when it comes to minimum orders, so you can select the number that makes the most sense for your business needs. Look for elements like same day dispatch and competitive delivery costs so you can keep up with customer demand.

You also want to make sure that the commercial packaging materials are as eco-friendly as possible. In the modern world, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with sustainability, and expect companies they work with to take this element seriously.

At Smith Packaging, we ensure that all our packaging supplies are as sustainable as possible, with many products in our range being completely recyclable or biodegradable.

Why choose Smith Packaging for your commercial needs?

We’re committed to serving businesses both big and small, which is why our commercial packaging standards are top-notch. We know how important it is to offer competitive pricing in a time of rising costs. We also know the importance of meeting regulations, maintaining flexibility, and ensuring that your goods get there in a timely manner and without compromising safety and quality.

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