5 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

By Sam Smith

November 23rd 2021

Plastic can be tricky. It can be a dirty word these days – especially when it comes to sustainable solutions for a cleaner planet. Yet we are also deeply reliant on plastic in our daily lives.

From packaging products to storage solutions, and even the tape we choose – all these elements can contain plastic. Studies have shown that a quarter of consumers are concerned about plastic packaging, and 42% believe it should be a priority to manufacture recyclable packaging.

As more and more consumers are starting to make their purchase choices with sustainability in mind, companies would do well to start considering where they can make the switch.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there and alternatives to plastic packaging. From trading plastic bags for paper bags, choosing eco chips instead of polystyrene, and working with natural fibers wherever possible, here are five alternatives to plastic packaging…

Paper Wrap

Ecommerce stores and retailers want to send their goods securely, and that often means they will wrap items in plastic packaging or bubble wrap. While it’s important to keep goods protected and safe from the elements, paper wrap is a much more environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Heavy duty paper wrap can be used in place of plastic when wrapping items, or even when sending gifts in the place of wrapping paper. A beautiful natural hue, tactile warmth, and eco-friendly – paper wrap can look stunning, especially when tied with twine.

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Eco Packing Peanuts

When sending items in a cardboard box, you always want to make sure that you don’t leave an item rattling around. Cushioning the item is important to prevent it from getting damaged in transit. This is why so many companies will use polystyrene pieces or bubble wrap.

But now you can get eco- friendly packing peanuts, which may be a much better solution.

Eco packing peanuts are often made from plant-based starches instead of foam. They can dissolve in water without a trace, or they can be composted. They don’t cause any harm to the environment, and they get the job done when it comes to filling a space and keeping your items safe and submerged.

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Cardboard Boxes

An oldie but a goldie – packing your stuff into cardboard boxes for shipping or storing is a great way of cutting down on plastic. Cardboard boxes are sturdy, reliable, and can be reused or recycled.

While many people use plastic boxes for storage solutions, it’s always worth considering making the switch as when wrapped and stored correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about damp or breakages anyway. For companies shipping goods, cardboard is one of the simplest eco-friendly solutions you can choose.

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Paper Tape

It’s a simple area that often gets overlooked but swapping out plastic tape for paper tape can be a game changer. It’s the little things that all add up when it comes to making eco-conscious choices, and tape is one of those things.

Not only is paper tape better for the planet, but it can also be stronger and have more security features than plastic tape too. As paper tape can only be torn rather than peeled away, it means your package stays safe and tamper-proof right until the very end.

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Board Backed Envelopes

When sending business letters or documents, instead of opting for business envelopes with the plastic window or looking to polythene mail bags or bubble padded envelopes that all use some degree of plastic, you can opt for board backed envelopes instead.

Board backed envelopes are safe and sturdy, and keep your documents and letters in pristine condition. They can also be fully recycled as they are paper and cardboard. Not only will these envelopes keep things fabulously flat, but they will also cut down on your carbon footprint.

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