The Future of Packaging in 2022

By Sam Smith

January 4th 2022

With a new year on the horizon, here at Smith Packaging we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our company. This isn’t just about driving profits or securing new clients, we are mostly interested in how we can become more ethical, eco-friendly, and how our best practices can have a positive impact on our customers, too.

For businesses both big and small and those independent people who work in or with packaging, the future of the packaging industry is also going to have an effect on the way it works for you, too. In this article, we take a look at some trends and changes to know about when it comes to the future of plastic packaging in 2022.

Plastic Packaging Tax

In an effort to encourage a more environmentally friendly ethos in businesses, the UK government will be introducing a plastic packaging tax by 2022. This means that manufacturers of plastic packaging and importers of plastic packaging will be hit with higher charges.

In turn, this could also affect the cost of packaging as these providers may push their prices up to cover these tax costs. Businesses and individuals who purchase plastic packaging may find it more cost efficient (and eco-friendly) to switch to a sustainable packaging provider.

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Sustainable Trends Growing

Speaking of sustainable packaging, this is a trend that is also set to grow in 2022. The future of packaging is going to be environmentally friendly as more and more consumers are welcoming the change.

From paper bags to cardboard boxes, paper Kraft tape, and even alternatives to packing peanuts and void filler, the packaging industry has plenty of innovative alternatives to plastic. For companies that are looking to make the switch to sustainable packaging options, this will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but can also improve customer satisfaction and those feel-good consumer vibes too.

Returnable Packaging Becoming Popular

Online shopping has hit an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing down. Returnable packaging is bound to be a part of this process. Customers want the ease of being able to return goods all while keeping their carbon footprint low. Returnable packaging is the answer. Companies that adopt return packaging solutions as a standard part of their customer service will not only enhance the customer experience, but will set themselves apart as being a sustainable solution based business. Both of these things can have a positive impact on brand image.

How are Smith Packaging Adapting?

As one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, Smith Packaging is excited to welcome the future of packaging in 2022. We already place a huge emphasis on being environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible.

By offering a wide range of eco-friendly packaging products, such as paper mailing bags, recyclable cardboard boxes, self-adhesive paper tape, recycled paper rolls, and eco loose fill packing peanuts, we have every option for those individuals and businesses who want to switch to be more sustainable. Our no minimum order value also makes it easy for small businesses and individuals not to be priced out when it comes to sustainable packaging.

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