How to Flat Pack Boxes

By Sam Smith

March 15th 2022

Flat pack boxes are one of the easiest and most convenient methods of receiving and storing your cardboard boxes. Whether you’re moving house, packing goods for shipping, or using them for storage, flat pack boxes will save time, space, and will cut down on postage costs, too.

Who May Need Flat Pack Boxes?

From businesses to individuals, there are many reasons why you may want to turn to flat pack boxes.

Individuals are often in need of flat pack boxes when they are moving house or putting their belongings into storage.

Businesses who deal with shipping goods or selling online will also require flat pack boxes in order to package and protect their items both in the warehouse and when actually transiting goods.

The Benefits of Flat Pack Boxes

So why flat pack boxes? Space, time, and convenience are the magic words when it comes to flat pack boxes. Here are a few reasons why you may want to go for a flat pack when it comes to all your cardboard box needs…

1. Save on space

Transporting and storing cardboard boxes can be a bulky business but when you choose a flat pack, your boxes can easily be broken down and reassembled as and when you need them. Not only do they save space when it comes to storage, but even if you wanted to recycle them, they can be flat packed down so they don’t take up too much bin space. Make sure you store them correctly to prevent damage and maximise space.

2. Save money

If you were to buy cardboard boxes for your individual needs or for business and didn’t go for the flat pack route, it would cost a lot more in getting these boxes shipped to you. With flat pack boxes it’s so much easier to buy in bulk without breaking the bank.

3. Be environmentally friendly

While most cardboard is environmentally friendly, flat pack boxes have the added benefit of being super convenient to store without losing any of their strength. As they are designed to be flat packed down when not in use, it’s easier for customers to keep their boxes rather than battling with storage space or simply throwing them out because they don’t have the room. This means flat pack boxes are more likely to be reused time and time again, helping us all to cut down on using resources.

How to Assemble Flat Pack Boxes

Assembling flat pack boxes is really easy. We suggest assembling one box at a time, and while the process may vary depending on the exact specifications of the box, they all tend to follow a similar assembly process. Here’s a quick guide on the usual way to piece together a flat pack box…

  • Place the flattened box in an upright position
  • Fold each of the four flaps at the top to a 90 degree angle – placing them on top of each other
  • Often you start with the small flaps first and then the large flaps. There should be no gaps
  • You can secure the flaps with extra tape at the bottom to ensure they hold their shape
  • Turn the box around and then start to fill it with your stuff
  • When full, you can close the top flaps using a similar method and Kraft tape for added security

Why Buy Flat Pack Boxes from Smith Packaging

Whether for better business practice or because you are moving house or storing goods, flat pack boxes are always the best way to go when it comes to your cardboard choices.

Cheaper, convenient, and so much better for cutting costs and saving space, Smith Packaging offers a range of flat pack boxes to suit all your storage and shipping needs.

Choose from flat pack moving boxes, flat pack letter boxes, and both flat pack single and double walled boxes. With no minimum order and a commitment to be an eco-friendly packaging supplier, Smith Packaging delivers quality, sturdy cardboard boxes without the fuss. Shop our cardboard boxes today.