What Makes Good Packaging?

By Sam Smith

July 26th 2022

Packaging is an important part of the business experience. Whether you’re selling and shipping goods to the public or if you’re simply wrapping up your own stuff to keep in storage, the same essentials of good packaging apply.

While businesses will be looking towards cost and convenience, everyone who buys packaging will undoubtedly want quality and first-class protection. As a good packaging company, we’ve highlighted four areas to consider when choosing your materials for shipping, storing, and stocking.

4 things to look for in good packaging

1. Convenience

One of the main things you’ll want to consider when it comes to good packaging is convenience. Good packaging should be made in a way that makes it easy to pack and ship parcels, but it should also be easy to store, too.

Packaging that’s too bulky or an awkward shape can be tricky to pack down and store, meaning that it takes up a lot of shop or warehouse space. This is why cardboard is so good for packaging as it can be folded down, compressed, and easily stored.

You also want to look for packaging that isn’t too heavy, as this can bump up costs and have a negative impact on convenience.

2. Cost and affordability

Large and small businesses and individuals alike all share the idea that another of the essentials of good packaging comes down to cost and affordability. You want to purchase packaging that falls within budget, but in a way that doesn’t compromise on quality.

3. Protective elements

One of the main advantages of good packaging is also the fact that it is designed to help protect any items you are storing or sending.

Your packaging should call on the right materials and the right level of sturdiness so that it will keep your items safe during both transit and when on the move. Good packaging should be able to protect from dust, debris, heat, and even water without degrading. If you ever need to process returns, your packaging should be able to manage the journey back.

4. Sustainability

In the modern world as we start to learn about the cost of our carbon footprint, good packaging should also be sustainable.

Eco-friendly packaging means that you invest in packaging (like cardboard, paper, and eco-friendly void filler and wraps) that can be recycled or is made from recycled materials.

Not only will this help cleanse your conscience, but it’s good for the planet and also good for business as buyers are more compelled to buy from brands who take sustainability seriously.

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