Why Switch to Recyclable Materials?

By Sam Smith

October 11th 2022

Recycling is something that we’re pretty much used to doing in the UK, but unfortunately there is still a lot of non-recyclable packaging out there. It’s so important to use recyclable materials in packaging (and beyond) where possible, in order to reduce your impact on the environment and support sustainability. Another benefit for businesses using recyclable cardboard packaging is that it sends a good message to your customers and positively enhances your brand.

In this article, we look at what recyclable materials are, why it’s important to recycle cardboard and paper and why switch if you’re not using them now, and how sustainable using cardboard is. First of all…

What are recyclable materials?

Recyclable material is any material that can be recycled and used to make something else that’s similar. Recyclable materials include glass, plastic water bottles and other plastic food containers, scrap metal, paper, and cardboard, including cardboard boxes.

How are materials recycled?

Cardboard recycling

The answer to the question, “how are materials recycled” of course depends on the materials itself, but the basic recycling process is that recyclable materials are collected and taken to a recycling point. There, they are sorted with similar recyclable materials, cleaned, and then reprocessed into new materials.

Why is it important to recycle cardboard and paper?


Cardboard and paper are easy to recycle, and are amongst the most commonly recycled materials. There are many benefits to recycling cardboard and paper, including:

  • Saving energy – creating a material from scratch is much more energy-intensive than recycling existing materials
  • Saving trees – recycling cardboard and paper means that fewer trees are being cut down, and this also protects the wildlife ecosystems within woods and forests
  • Reducing waste to landfill – sending less material and packaging to landfill sites reduces the impact on the local environment

Why you should switch to recyclable materials

Diagram showing profit, people, and planet leads to sustainability

If you’re currently using materials that need to go to landfill, it’s worth making the switch to recyclable materials. Doing so will reduce your impact on the environment, support sustainability, and lower your contribution to pollution. 

For businesses making the switch to recyclable materials, there are further benefits. Customers are increasingly looking to buy products from companies that have a solid sustainability policy, so using recyclable packaging can actually boost your bottom line and enhance your brand reputation.

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Is recycling cardboard good for the environment?

Yes – recycling cardboard is definitely good for the environment, and that’s a major reason all the cardboard boxes we sell at Smith Packaging are recyclable.

Not only does it reduce waste and help limit the toxic effect of landfill sites, but recycling corrugated cardboard actually cuts the pollution generated by half versus using virgin pulp to make brand new cardboard.

And, as we mentioned before, recycling cardboard also helps prevent deforestation and the resulting impact on nature and wildlife. Additionally, recycling cardboard uses less water than making it from scratch.

Buy recyclable packaging from Smith Packaging

At Smith Packaging, we take our environmental duty very seriously, which is why we always look towards recyclable and sustainable options when it comes to our products.

From easily recyclable cardboard boxes to poly mail bags made from recycled materials and eco packing peanuts produced from plant starch that can be composted, we have the full spectrum of eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable packaging to keep your carbon footprint as light as can be.