Packaging trends for 2024

As with most trends, things come and go – and packaging is no exception. From how a package visually looks, to the size, sustainability and functionality. These are all considered when looking at what to expect in the world of packaging trends for 2024.

From humble beginnings, SmithPackaging has rapidly gone from strength to strength since 2019…meaning we know a thing or two about the industry.

In this guide, we have selected 3 packaging trends that we feel is taking the packaging industry by storm.

Immersive Packaging

For most businesses, big or small, branding matters. It’s what your customers first see, and first have experience with.

Gone are the days of basic packaging. Those who part with their money are always expecting more – meaning that the packaging must stand out in more ways than one.

The rise of immersive packaging and branded unboxing experiences have become more prevalent over recent years. Largely due to the introduction of ‘smart’ labels, QR codes and the power of social media.

But what exactly is it? The idea is to ‘think outside of the cardboard box’. Quite literally. Offering an immersive packaging experience can instantly elevate your brand, and if in the right hands, become ‘viral’.

So, how can you achieve this? Consider four key elements; graphics, colour, shape and material. The bolder the better, but don’t think that this translates to size. Wasteful packaging is seen as a big no. Instead, look at how you want your brand to be visually perceived. Is your brand quirky? Does it favour more neutral tones? Who are your target audience?

You may also want to consider the contents inside. For example, customising the interior with printed card, tissue paper or void fill. Can you customise the labels with your own branded stickers? What about thank you cards or branded tape?

Remember, the more personalised and unique to your own business, the better.

Go Clean and Think Sustainable

Now more than ever, we see more and more businesses taking a step back from using plastic packaging where possible, to improve the circular economy.

Think recyclable, reusable, compostable and biodegradable. But don’t think you need to re-design your packaging completely, the key theme with this trend is to implement your current packaging designs and make them more eco-friendly.

We also like the idea of giving your packaging a second chance at life. What once was a simple cardboard box can double a removal box when moving, or a place to store documents.

Its safe to say sustainable packaging is here to stay, and only get bigger and bigger from here on out. So, if you haven’t already, switch to sustainable packaging materials and don’t forget to highlight this on your packaging.

Logos demonstrating environmental properties are also part if this key trend, set to increase over the year. Aim to highlight whether the packaging can be recycled, is eco-friendly, plastic free or can be used multiple times.

Pouch Power

By now, we are all too familiar with the power of a cardboard box. But what about pouches? They are true definition of when ‘form follows function’.

More and more companies started using pouches as a new form of packaging. Often seen for coffee brands, confectionary or dry goods. But why stop there? This type of packaging can be used for much much more. Think jewellery, cosmetics, skincare – this is also ideal for small businesses looking to ship smaller items.

We anticipate this to be big in the long-run, so the earlier you are to this trend, the more of a ‘trendsetter’ you’ll be.

Here at SmithPackaging, we offer a large range of packaging solutions that can supply any small business or large corporation.

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